Salma Mall

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Salma Mall offers an unrivaled variety of culinary delights, an entertaining cinema complex, and an ideal opportunity for social interaction at the Mall's Park. It is designed as a family destination. It is situated across from the Chamber of Commerce on King Saud Road.

Things to do at Salma Mall:

• Retail therapy for locals and travellers: Introducing a unique retail environment that houses premier national and international brands, the mall houses The Luxury Fashion District, Contemporary & Value Fashion, Lifestyle Retail, and a flagship French hypermarket occupy within the mall are just a few of the numerous services and goods that Salma Mall will provide.

• Why should adults have all the fun? With Billy Beez, Flip-out, and Bricks City for kids to play safely while parents shop or eat, it supports youngsters in developing their understanding, physical, and cognitive skills through immersive educational and entertainment experiences spread across zones.

• Movie lovers can indulge in guilt free binge watching: Salma mall is expected to significantly impact Saudi Arabia's film industry in the future, allowing movie lovers to usher in a golden age of seeing Hollywood blockbusters and jewels from Saudi cinema, Bollywood, and other producers in the MENA region. The mall offers cutting-edge entertainment with 31 VOX Cinema screens for entertainment in 2D, 3D, and 4DX formats.

• Earn rewards as you spend: Every riyal you spend on tickets, food, and beverage through the world's largest movie theatre earns you points to be redeemed for unique gifts. Additionally, suppose you want to elevate your moviegoing experience. In that case, you can always reserve a comfortable seat at one of its PRIME or IMAX theatres, where you'll be completely immersed in the newest box office hit. If you want to make a night of it, arrive early and grab something to eat, some expertly prepared mocktails, or some decadent desserts.

• Where food invites you to tantalize your tastebuds: The Park Cafe has fast food joints and restaurants serving the best regional and international cuisines in a disassembled setting with lots of greenery. Formal and semi-formal dining is also available against lush vegetation and water. A distinctive center for cafe culture is available at the Salma Mall, thanks to the placement of cafes around the mall in key locations. Glass doors lead to a picturesque outdoor terrace with seating areas and a nearby square with trendy food trucks. Additionally, it features cooking demos by renowned chefs and booths where customers can purchase specialty food items.

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    3 hours

Address of Salma Mall

King Saud Road, opposite of Hail Chamber of Commerce Saudi Arabia, Ha'Il, Saudi Arabia

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