Al-Qishla Palace

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With a surface area of around 20,000 square meters, the Qishlah Palace is the largest and oldest mud building in the Middle East, if not the entire world. The mud home is also one of the biggest and oldest in the Arabian Peninsula.

Things to do at Al Qishlah Palace:

• Understand the history of the palace: The rectangular structure, which measures more than 19,000 square meters in size and is located in the core of Hail's historical and commercial district, is a significant cultural and tourism monument. The fort has 136 rooms in the basement, 83 rooms set aside for offices and administrative work, 53 rooms made specifically for soldiers' dorms and armories, and a mosque constructed in the Najdi style. It also has a government vehicle repair shop.

• Marvel at the indigenous art: Qishlah Palace was constructed from mud and stone in keeping with the regional design. Eight cylindrical watchtowers and two substantial gates are on either side of the outer walls. The two main entrances to the fort are on the south and east sides, respectively. The palace's unusual architecture is completed by stucco embellishments and carved doors and windows. The palace has two floors, the bottom of which contains 83 rooms. A mosque and 59 rooms on the upper floor all provide views of royal square.

• Congregate at the venue for local cultural expressions: Numerous activities and events, such as those associated with National Day and the hail season, are held at the Qashlah Palace. Numerous tourists of all ages congregate there during these times to participate in various events like handcraft workshops, local cuisine, and folk performances by prosperous families. The main theatre serves as the focal point of these occasions and frequently draws many visitors who come to take in the art performances presented there.

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Address of Al-Qishla Palace

Al Mahattah, Ha'il 55424, Saudi Arabia

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