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Without a doubt, Hail's Al Rajhi Mosque is a notable architectural and historical landmark. Its 32,000 square meters, 56 domes, four 80-meter-high columns, and 20-meter-wide chandelier make it huge enough to accommodate 7,000 worshipers. The mosque is expected to have costed SR 700 million.

Things to do at Al-Rajhi Mosque:

  • Inspired by Islam: The building of this monument, completed in 2011 and now a recognized landmark in its own right, was influenced by Islamic heritage. There are three distinct parts to the mosque. The first is made up of a rectangular open courtyard that is enclosed by four passageways and 20 domes. The second is the 53-meter-long main square-shaped prayer space, which is topped by a dome 35 meters in diameter and encircled by four smaller domes, each perched atop its pillar. The third portion is the 72-meter-long southern rectangular arcade.
  • Appealing aesthetics: The Al Rajhi mosque's magnificent design draws you in with its striking ornamentation on the columns and a sequence of 50 vermillion red domes. However, this mosque's beauty extends beyond its appearance. The Al Rajhi Mosque in Hail has several remarkable design features, even in the interior. For instance, it features one of the most enormous chandeliers on the entire globe, not just in Saudi Arabia. This mosque's courtyard is also worth mentioning. The courtyard is frequently the most popular area in this mosque, where people find a quiet corner and unwind. It was designed to calm your mind and make it simpler for you to quiet yourself.
  • Infrastructure to suit every requirement: It contains 600 parking spots, parking space for 600 vehicles, digital services rooms, a library, a room for funeral preparations, and the latest lighting, air conditioning, and acoustics technology. Additionally, some coolers disperse Zamzam water and pure water from separate tanks.
  • Innovative and immersive technology at disposal: The uniqueness of this modern mosque's tourist attractions lies in its technological breakthroughs. It features a cooling system for the water to keep devotees cool. A modern building management system, LED lighting on the mosque's exterior, an infrared security system, water-saving technologies, and a central heating system are all used to monitor its various parts and upkeep. Other capabilities include translating the sermon into three languages besides Arabic and sizable panels showing sign language interpretations for the hearing impaired. You can view live prayer broadcasts on the mosque's website and social media.
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    1 hour

Address of Al-Rajhi Mosque

5903, 7732, Alwusayta', Hail 55432, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Al-Rajhi Mosque

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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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