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Barzan Palace was built in 1808 in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia, and is home to the families of Al-Rashid and Al-Ali. During the reign of Al-Rashid, the palace served as the seat of the central referee, and more recently, it served as a place of residence for the families.

Princess Fatima Al Zamil qualified as a ruler in the early 20th century. She was a blue-blooded lady who ruled the province of Ha'il from 1911 to 1914 as an administrator of her minor grandson's land. She was born of a union between members of the Al-Rasheed and Shammar tribes, making her related to the present Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.

Things to do at Barzan Palace

• An emblem of breaking stereotypes: The most important aspect of Princess Fatima's reign was her control of the 300,000-square-meter Barzan Palace, which has since been destroyed, but rather the fact that she was chosen by the leaders of the two most influential tribes in the center of the Arabian Peninsula in what may have been one of the Gulf's few instances of tribal democracy. Princess Fatima had complete control over the old, opulent, three-story Barzan Palace, where she oversaw the affairs of her society and people. She hosted international visitors, including TE Lawrence's close friend and associate Gertrude Bell, a British writer and politician (of Arabia).

• The strategic layout: The family of Al-Ali is one of the families who built the palace, which was composed of three floors. The first floor was dedicated to entertaining and had a kitchen. In contrast, the second floor contained staterooms; the third floor was an Al-dedicated family room and the Deputy Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Jalawi. The palace was given this name because it was a clear and prominent building among other structures, and towers surrounded it to a height of over sixty feet.

• The power of purpose: The palace remained the seat of government throughout the Al Rashid family's succession of dynasties. More stores, shops, and workshops were built in its courtyard and nearby during the rule of Prince Talal bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Rashid (the second ruler, 1847–1866) and Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Allah bin Ali Al-Rashid (the fifth dynasty, 1873–1897), who also expanded Barzan Square and the market.

• Nearby Attractions: Barzan Market, which serves as the region's economic hub and the final destination for many vendors, is also one of the most well-known marketplaces in the area and one of the busiest for consumers. It is close to where Barzan Palace formerly stood, in addition to the historic Barzan Mosque. The market offers goods and commodities of all kinds, including women's and children's clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, and food products, in addition to perfumery products, furnishings, and household utensils, even though the old market of Barzan is not regarded as a bazaar.

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Address of Barzan Palace

GPF4+X2Q, Ghattat, Barzan, Ha'il 55428, Saudi Arabia

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