A'arif Fort

Visitors from all over the Kingdom frequently stop by the historical museum in the fort to take in the region's agriculture, old towns, and heritage souks, in addition to learning about Hail's past. Cultural and historical features set Hail's renowned A'Arif Fort apart, which was constructed to protect the city from intruders. The fort was composed of stone and clay before 1840 and has survived and developed into a well-liked tourist destination while situated on a high peak and watching Hail for almost two centuries. It was used to observe the moon and fire the Iftar cannon during Ramadan while Saudi Arabia was in power. A'arif Fort recently became a heritage site open to visitors.

Things to do at A'arif Fort:

• Get engrossed in the beauty from atop: The castle, which is around 440 square meters in size and strategically positioned on a hilltop, can be seen from every section of the city. The stronghold, located atop Jabal Irf, offers a breathtaking vantage point of the northern city. Visitors can ascend the castle to the top for a bird's-eye view of the city and observe the nearby farms, markets, and neighborhoods.

• The allure of historic legacy: Its style is a rip-off of the defensive fortifications seen throughout the Kingdom's central architectural district. The sturdy wall around the medium-sized, rectangular A'arif Fort has openings for rainwater drainage. Its defenses, built with mud bricks and mud on stone foundations, comprised a mosque, bathrooms, and 30 watchtowers. They also have towers, windows for observation, sleeping chambers, and other storage areas.

• The passage of history, literally: The main entrance is reached via a tiny courtyard after passing through a fort's southern face gate. The interior of the stronghold may have watchtowers, windows, a living area, restrooms, a mosque, and warehouses. The large, engraved wooden doors of this castle and conical heights are another distinguishing feature.

• The history speaks for itself here: Visitors and locals can learn about the region's rich archaeological history at the A'Arif Fort's archaeological museum. It demonstrates the ability of its ancestors to create various styles of architecture that endured over the ages, and the durability of its constructions.

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    2 hours

Address of A'arif Fort

GP83+R9H, Ar Riyadh, Labdah, Hail 55425, Saudi Arabia

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