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One of the most well-known and notable museums in Hail is the Al-Naif Palace Archaeological Museum. It stands out for having 2165 pieces total, mostly antiques, antiquities, and heritage items.

The museum was constructed on one story by the owner, Saud bin Nayef bin Ateeq Al-Ramali Al-Shammari, and it has numerous parts that include bagpipes, sewing machines, copper tools, as well as some weaponry. To display its collections, the museum uses glass display cabinets and shelves.

Things to do at Naif Palace Archaeological Museum:

• A journey to be undertaken!

The National Museum transports tourists on a beautifully interactive tour of the ages and houses everything from Neolithic rock art to reproductions of the buildings of ancient Arab inside magnificent architecture and flower-filled gardens.

It also possesses a lot of priceless antiques. There is a store where antique items can be bought and sold. Over 2000 historical items are dispersed around the museum's hallways. For history enthusiasts visiting the museum, it contains some of the most uncommon historical items and rare objects.

• Reflections of past on the future:

The Naif Museum is a significant cultural institution that uses its extensive exhibits to illustrate Saudi Arabia's history and culture. It delves into the pre-Islamic era's ancient civilizations that emerged during the early, middle, and late Arab kingdoms.

• The treasure trove of memories:

Naif was a direct descendant of the young emir of Jubbah who offered Lady Anne Blunt and her husband Wilfrid Blunt the famed desert hospitality. Lady Blunt, Lord Byron's granddaughter, arrived in January 1879 for their visit. The smoke-filled space where they had their coffee is still present.

Two framed, tattered images of Lady Anne and two copies of her watercolours of the Nafud stand on one of its adobe walls. There are photos there of other famous people who have been there as well.

• The birth of profoundness amidst history:

A plethora of archaeological artefacts, including murals from palace, beautiful jewellery, and ceramics, are shown alongside some of the earliest Islamic literature ever discovered. The museum, gardens, and residence of Naif Ateeq Al-Shammari are hidden within Jubbah's palm trees and are marked 'The Monumental Palace of Naif' on the building's exterior.

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Address of Naif Palace Archeological Museum

HOSC8106, 8106 First Street, 4053, Jubbah 55679, Saudi Arabia

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Naif Palace Archeological Museum

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