Lavera Theme Park

Lavera Theme Park is a game-changing location renowned as the source of the most avant-garde and immersive experiences on a global scale. Its extensive menu of offerings will be founded on five pillars: sports and wellness, nature and environment, parks and attractions, motion and mobility, and arts and culture.

It brings extensive development experience and industry-leading technology prowess to create a truly game-changing entertainment experience. It is unlike any other waterpark, with environments that take visitors to amazing locations and an atmosphere that enables them to escape. This theme park also provides a welcome respite from the summer heat while addressing the fact that Saudi Arabia is a desert nation.

Some of the entertaining attractions being built include family-friendly theme parks, sports arenas, academies for sports and the arts, concert and entertainment venues, racetracks for fans of motorsports, as well as outdoor and adventure activities alongside nature and environmental experiences. It is a place where people may enjoy and appreciate it.

Things to do at Lavera Theme Park:

Guaranteed to make you go gaga!

Visitors can find the most recognizable and anticipated thrill. The diversity of attractions this tourism complex offers and the themed zones are incredibly well-liked by families and children are key to its success.

For instance, a sizable ice rink enables you to take part in a special winter sports activity right in the middle of the Saudi desert! The range of family-friendly attractions that parents may enjoy with their kids, such as the 'Samba Tower' or the 'Amazon,' will be appreciated by parents. The bravest among you will ride the park's signature ride, the 'Big 8' roller coaster.

The garden of life!

Welcome to an aquatic wonderland filled with geysers, aqueducts, waterfalls, and other unusual flora and trees. This oasis provides tourists with refuge from the summer heat by giving the impression of dense rainforest in the middle of a desert.

Where waters call you!

An expansive imaginative setting full of vibrant flowers and hospitable critters, created especially for younger guests and their families. This interactive experience allows guests to travel across rivers, behind waterfalls, and through trees on a specially created circuit. It provides visitors of all ages with an unparalleled immersive experience that leaves them with priceless memories after every visit.

Shop o’ clock!

Each retail establishment has an impressive assortment of goods, adventures, and emotions, offering perfect gifting solutions for friends and family back home.

Bon appetite!

The Lavera complex also offers a broad selection of stores and eateries so tourists can have a fun-filled day out, and the restaurant you enter provides a unique experience.

  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Lavera Theme Park

8234 3042 Abdul Aziz Ibn Musaid, Albuhayrah, Hail 55422, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Lavera Theme Park

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  • Sunday

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