The Heritage Center & Aerospace Museum

HAL Aerospace museum features an extensive collection of airplane models, including both combat aircraft and helicopters. In addition, the museum features a reference library, aircraft simulators, a simulated air traffic control tower, and a club for aeromodelling.


• Explore the various galleries:

Photographs from 1940 and later documenting the development of aviation are displayed in Hall 1.

Hall 2 demonstrates the many different capabilities of an aircraft engine.

It is possible to see the cross-section of several different aircraft engines here.

The MIG-21, Kiran, AJeet, and Lakshya, along with several other significant aircraft, are displayed in the open air.

• Browse literary treasures here:

The library houses a unique collection of aviation-related books that are both interesting and helpful.

• Take command of the aircraft and experience what it's like to soar like a bird:

The museum features both a basic simulator and a true motion simulator, the latter of which allows users to experience what it is like to pilot a fighter jet or commercial aircraft and is also housed in this building.

In addition to that, it features a fictitious air traffic control tower.

• Admire the beauty of nature in the middle of technological advances:

The exterior of the Museum is very tastefully landscaped, and it features a Rose Garden, Orchidarium, and Herbal Garden, each of which contains several rare and unusual plant varieties.

Kids can enjoy themselves for an unending amount of time in a play area designed for them.

• Get educated about green technology:

A sustainability park aims to educate visitors and students on alternative energy sources by displaying working models of solar power systems, biogas plants, and hybrid windmills in the park.

• Deep dive into the technical details:

The ATC Radar, equipped with L Band surveillance radar and has a range of 200 nautical miles, rotates at a speed of 3-4 RPM, and has a frequency of 1250-1350 MHZ, is an exhibit that is one of a kind.

In addition, a model of the PSLV rocket and its heat shield is on display so that visitors can get an idea of the country's efforts in space technology.

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    3 hours

Address of The Heritage Center & Aerospace Museum

Police Station, Near HAL, HAL Old Airport Rd, Marathahalli, Bangalore 560037 India

Opening & Closing time of The Heritage Center & Aerospace Museum

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The Heritage Center & Aerospace Museum

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