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Lord Krishna is worshipped in the Consciousness, ISKCON Temple in Bangalore. Initially built by Sri Madhu Pandit Das, this magnificent structure was dedicated in 1997 by Shankar Dayal Sharma, the incumbent president of India.

Many prayer halls are located there, including those for Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa Govinda, and Sri Prahlada Narasimha.

Things to do at ISKCON Bangalore:

• Attend ongoing events and conventions:

ISKCON Bangalore is a multifaceted cultural powerhouse in addition to being a shrine to the Lord. Its lecture hall hosts regular talks on the Srimad Bhagavatam that devotees give. There is also a theater where various events are hosted, including cultural festivals, dance and music performances, and educational conferences.

• Celebrate holy days and dive into the spirit of festivity:

Various festivals are held throughout the year at the ISKCON Temple in Bangalore, which welcomes visitors and devotees at all times. Only a handful include Rama Navami, Akshaya Tritiya, and Sri Krishna Balarama Rath Yatra.

• Educate and enlighten yourself with programs offered:

Through programs relating to culture, ISKCON's Cultural Education Wing hopes to instill moral principles and life skills in young people. Experienced faculty members who have devoted their lives to spiritual pursuits for more than 20 years lead the highly engaging seminars. During the weekend teaching sessions, the kids can also participate in music, dance, and other talent-related activities.

The ISKCON FOLK (Friends of Lord Krishna) Wing plans educational and cultural events for the region's youth.

• Be enthusiastic about religion at Krishnaraya:

Krishnaraya is an at-home spiritual renewal program presented at several locations in Bangalore. The initiative aims to spread awareness of Bhakti Yogi concepts to regular citizens of the city following Lord Krishna's instructions. At the Krishnaraya gatherings, kirtans are sung in the worship of the Lord, and the philosophy of Lord Krishna is discussed.

• Participate in the novel initiative of Cow Protection:

As part of the ISKCON Temple's Cow Protection program, several cows are housed there and given free rein to wander the grounds' lawns.

The temple includes a gaushala where the cows are housed, washed, and cared for.

These cows' milk is given to the Lord and utilized in the temple's cookery.

• Feel mystique with Yuga Dharma:

Under the auspices of the Yuga Dharma program, several events are carried out, including the Harinam Festival, the Chanter's Club, and the Hare Krishna Flash Mob. The program primarily focuses on chanting and other initiatives that further Lord Krishna's morals and teachings.

• Consider buying keepsakes for yourself and your loved ones:

Matchless Gifts, an independent gift shop run by the temple, offers fragrant incense and other items for worship.

These goods are created using only natural ingredients, and charitable organizations donate any profits.

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Address of ISCKON Temple

Hare Krishna Hill, Chord Road, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, India

Opening & Closing time of ISCKON Temple

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