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Now is the time to take a break and travel to re-establish contact with your inner self if the grind of everyday life has left you exhausted.

And the Art of Living International Center in Bangalore is the ideal location for it. This serene ashram, which is 28 kilometers outside the city on a picturesque hill, is the perfect setting for anybody seeking to engage in seva (or volunteer labor), participate in one of the programs, or enjoy some time alone.

You may also visit in a single day and explore the main sights, including the ashram.


• Let the Vishaal Mantap win your heart over with its serenity and beauty:

Vishalakshi Mantap, the hub of the Ashram, is named after Poojya Gurudev's mother. Gurudev himself is the creator of this exquisitely built architectural masterpiece. The diligent efforts of 7,000 employees and volunteers allowed the Mantap, noted for its meticulous workmanship, beautiful lights, and magnificent décor, to be erected.

The tallest 'Kalash' in Asia, measuring 15 feet 3 inches high, adorns the glass dome atop the structure. Gurudev best sums up the emotion of entering the Mantap as 'going into the lap of the Mother Goddess.'

• Spend a lovely evening at the Garden of Radha Kunj

Radha Kunj pays homage to the well-known original garden in Vrindavan with exotic plants, endless greenery, brilliant fountains, a lake, lily ponds, a waterfall, and an earthen road. It provides the ideal backdrop for an evening stroll and is likely one of the most tranquil areas in the ashram.

• Witness the traditional schooling system at Santosh Gurukul:

Visitors to our Gurukul will have a unique understanding of how schools were managed in ancient India and how Sri Sri Gurukul is meeting the demands of students from around the nation to study Dravidian techniques and all there is to know about learning about temple worship.

In addition to Veda, Agama, and Sanskrit, Sri Sri Gurukul has already established itself as an institute of excellence for Jyothisham, Siddhantha, Sangeetham, Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Shilpa Shasthra, and other disciplines.

• Nature enthusiasts can appreciate the initiatives of Sri Sri Gaushala:

Gaushala is a crucial component of Indian society and is particularly significant to the agricultural and dairy industries. The Sri Sri Gaushala now shelters hundreds of cows from 15 distinct exotic varieties native to India to preserve indigenous bovine breeds and revive the gaushala institution.

• Get holistic wellness treatments at Sri Sri Ayurvedic Centre:

Known as one of the best hospitals offering naturopathy treatments with a holistic approach to health and wellness, Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital is situated on a hilltop. The hospital offers cutting-edge medical procedures, but the surroundings make it much more pleasant to relax and take in the wonders of nature. A visit to Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital will provide an overview of the services and medical procedures offered there and some helpful information on how adopting a natural lifestyle may protect us from physical and mental illnesses.

• Soak in the beauty of scintillating vistas from Sumeru Mantap:

The Sumeru Mantap is a piece of pure architectural poetry surrounded by elaborate lotus petals and supported by twelve pairs of pillars depicting the zodiac's twelve signs. It offers a breathtaking view of the Ashram grounds and the surroundings because it is geographically situated at the highest point in the Ashram.

• Feel rejuvenated as you get a spiritual uplift at Guru Paduka Vanam;

Millions of people can fit into the Guru Paduka Vanam, shaped like an open amphitheater, and it seems to be the shape of a Paduka from above. The design of Guru Paduka Vanam is inspired by Vedic notions of lovely gardens (vanam), which offer a seeker refuge and sustenance on his spiritual path.

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Address of Art of Living International Center

21st KM, Udayapura Post, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, India

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Art of Living International Center

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