Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh is a vast garden with 240 acres of land in the city's center. It has the most incredible collection of tropical and sub-tropical flora in India, including centuries-old trees.


• Witness the botanical wealth that this garden possesses:

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden contains one of the most valuable collections of rare plants in the whole globe because of Tipu Sultan's importation and planting of trees and plants from all over the world.

This garden is abundant in greenery and is home to a variety of species, including Myna, Parakeets, Crows, Brahminy Kites, Pond Herons, Common Egrets, and Purple Moor Hummingbirds.

• Admire the various structures that are mapped around:

The park is decorated with attractions, including 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,' 'Topiary Park,' 'A Vast Lake,' and 'A Beautiful Glasshouse Modeled After the Crystal Palace in London.' These features give the park a surrealistic feel.

The Bonsai Garden, the enormous rock and Kempegowda watchtower, the floral clock, and the Hibiscus Garden are some of the other Lalbagh attractions.

The lecture hall, which was once used to teach horticultural lectures, the deer paddock, the aviary, and the exquisite glass house are all nearby.

The garden also provides instruction in horticulture, Ikebana, mushroom and bonsai growing, post-harvest technologies, and more.

• Embrace the floral wealth of Lalbagh's flowers:

The garden's keepers have regularly added to their collection to ensure a robust and growing plant diversity since the garden's establishment.

The monarchs imported plants throughout the Middle Ages from far-off locations like Persia, Cape Town, Kabul, Turkey, Mauritius, etc. The stock of 1854 species is still expanding due to curation, introduction, acclimatization, and subsequent reproduction of exotic species worldwide.

• Attend Lalbagh Flower Shows that are a sensory treat for eyes and nose:

Lalbagh organizes several events throughout the year. Popular events include the Lalbagh Flower Show on Republic Day (26 January) and Independence Day (15 August), Mango/Jackfruit Festivals in the summer, and Cultural Shows at the Band Stand.

These festivals are a lovely representation of the garden's flora and are very well-liked by the residents. It is organized by the Department of Horticulture and the Mysore Horticulture Society. This event, a kaleidoscope of lovely blooms, is a sight for sore eyes and a photographer's paradise!

• Admire the beauty of nature as you stroll across the Lalbagh Lake:

In the city's southern portion, there is a sizable lake surrounded by walking paths, a bridge, and a small waterfall.

• Consider buying souvenirs or refreshments:

Lalbagh contains several stores managed by the Karnataka government's horticulture department and a few private merchants. These stores provide a variety of snacks as well as fruits, vegetables, and fruit juices.

• Dining Options Near Lal Bagh

Shyvan Restaurant, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, Nandhini Restaurant, Bangalore Belly, and Naidu Military Hotel are a few nearby eateries where you may have a cozy lunch.

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Address of Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Mavalli, Bangalore, India

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