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The Ragigudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Temple was constructed in 1972. It is a shrine that honors the Hindu god Hanuman, who is revered for his unwavering divinity and steadfast devotion to Lord Sri Rama. The temple is also home to a huge, gorgeous idol of Hanuman.

A beautiful water tank known as the Pushkarni, an auditorium, a small Prasad division, and a theater is some features that can be found within the expansive temple complex that covers an area of 5 acres.

In addition, it boasts a waterfall built specifically to decorate the already breathtaking view from atop the hill.


• Learn about the christening of the temple:

It is believed that a pile of Ragi gave rise to the hill that now serves as the dwelling place for Sri Anjaneya's primary deity.

As a result, the temple was given the name Ragigudda Temple.

On the top of the hillock is a temple, and an archway marks the way to get there. The main sanctum of the temple is home to a humongous statue of Sri Anjaneya, who is revered as the temple's presiding deity.

At the entrance to the temple is an artificial waterfall called Hanuman Dhara. This waterfall draws attention to the natural beauty of the hillock and the area around it.

• Seek blessings of various deities that are revered here:

In addition to beautiful shrines dedicated to Ram, Sita, and Lakshman, the temple in Bangalore's 9th block of the Jayanagar suburb is home to a Shivaling, which can be found atop a quaint hillock in that neighborhood.

Several small temples are dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Rajarajeshwari, Devi, and the Navgrahas at the foot of the shrine.

• Find inner peace at the Parna Kuteer:

Parna Kuteer depicts a waterfall. The tiny space, surrounded by such a beautiful view, is utilized for holding yoga and meditation workshops. Furthermore, arrive at Trimurthy Sannidhi, which consists of the Trimurthy rocks arranged in a monolithic platform formation.

• Make donations in cash and kind at the goshala:

The Goshala is home to more than thirty cows, and the milk from these cows is used in the abhishekam ceremony as well as for the consumption of the children.

In addition, the Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple operates a charitable front that assists underprivileged people and those in need and care.

• Participate in public meals offered by the committee:

The Prasada Division's primary function is to distribute prasad and to provide lunch to the devotees on Saturdays. This division is also responsible for the Saturday lunch service.

• Feed your soul and uplift your spirit as you bask in the glory of Hanuman Jayanti here:

The most important holiday celebrated at the temple is called Hanuman Jayanti, commemorating the day Lord Hanuman was born.

The celebrations, which last for twelve days, are held with a great deal of pomp and show and include:

• Lavishly decorating the temple.

• Organizing local fairs.

• Preparing a large feast for everyone who comes to the temple during that time.

On each of the 12 days, Mahaprasada is distributed to all of the devotees.

People from all over the state of Karnataka travel to participate in the enormous celebrations on the premises of the temple, which are filled with energy and vitality.

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Address of Ragigudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple

Jayanagar, Bangalore 560069 India

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Ragigudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple

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