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One of the oldest temples in Bengaluru is the Bull Temple, also called Nandi Temple. The temple is the largest Nandi temple in the world and is known by the locals as 'Dodda Basavana Gudi.' According to Hindu mythology, Nandi, a bull, is Lord Shiva's mount or 'vahana' and the protector deity of Kailashagiri, his home. Since Lord Shiva places a high value on Nandi, this temple is a must-see for all Shiva devotees.


• Study the architectural elements:

The Bull Temple was built by Kempe Gowda and features a primarily Dravidian architectural style. One single granite rock was used to carve the bull sculpture in its entirety, and it is 6.5 meters long and 4.5 meters high.

This statue frequently receives applications of butter, coconut oil, and 'benne.' The figure, which had been grey at first, had turned black.

• Seek blessings of Lord Ganesha:

There is a stunning temple dedicated to Ganesh, Lord Shiva's adored son, on the grounds of the Bull Temple. The Lord Ganesh statue in this temple is made entirely of butter, which is an interesting fact! This artistic statue requires approximately 110 kilos of butter, and a new statue is created every four years. The fact that each butter sculpture lasts four years without melting or changing shape is truly remarkable and noteworthy. The butter used to create the deity statue is then given as prasad to the worshippers.

• Learn about the myths associated with the temple:

The villagers are convinced that the statue of Nandi embodies a holy spirit after seeing the miracle of God. The 'Kadalekai Parsihe' celebration got started to honor this holy spirit.

Farmers in the region give Nandi their first crop of groundnuts because the legend claims that the 'basava,' or bull, used to sneak into the fields at night to devour all the groundnuts.

• Observe holy days here and dive into the festivities:

One of the largest annual cultural fairs in Bengaluru draws tourists and travelers from numerous cities and interstate cities. The entire Bull Temple Road is embellished, and 100,000 gleaming lamps illuminate the temple. The festivities are joyfully and delightfully hosted on the road from Bugle Rock to Ramakrishna Mutt!

Everyone waits to get their hands on the first batch of crunchy nuts as vendors set up shop on this road to sell groundnuts of various varieties. You can find any groundnut—boiled, fried, salted, spiced, sugar-coated, or even honey-roasted—here.

Additionally, you will see shops selling toys made of mud, clay, stones, etc.

• Visit other temples in the premises:

Another well-known temple is the 'Doddaganesha temple,' a section of the Bull temple. A lovely park is located across from the temple, where visitors can stroll and unwind.

• Explore the neighborhood:

Bugle Rock

Roti Ghar

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple

VV Puram Food Street

Garden of Lalbagh

Ragi Gudda Temple

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Address of Bull Temple

Basavanagudi Road, Bangalore, India

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