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The Kanakakunnu palace is a red-bricked edifice with white stone trimmings steeped in Travancoran history and culture. This impressive red facade emerges from the beautiful green park that features seasonal flowering plants. The park's architecture is a testament to the city's rich history of talented craftsmen. As legend has it, the massive Kanakakunnu palace was built in 1885 by Sree Moolam Thirunal, a Maharajah of the Indian state of Travancore. It was common practice to host parties at this palace and feed meat to the guests.


How to explore Kanakakunnu Palace?


  • The Kanakakunnu Palace building is an excellent example of the Keralan-Gothic styles popular during the Victorian era. It features a contrasting rounded hall and a dignified neoclassical entrance portico.
  • Take a look around the palace and imagine how it is to live in such opulence as the royal family does, with their magnificent furniture and the giant crystal chandeliers.
  • The garden at Kanakakkunnu Palace is India's first digital garden, and it can be scanned to provide information about any of the plants there. Throughout the 21 acres of land, QR codes have been placed on the plants so that visitors may quickly and easily access information about the plants' botanical characteristics, species, origin, distribution, and flowering time simply by scanning the codes with their smartphones.
  • If you are a fan of orange sunsets, you will adore this area as the sun sets. As the sun sets, the red walls and white marbles come to life, creating a sight to see that is nothing short of breathtaking.
  • When the All India Dance Festival rolls around every year from October to March, the Palace comes to life with captivating classical performances by skilled dancers. Visit the palace in these months to experience the culture.
  • The peaceful atmosphere of Kanakakunnu Palace makes it a great base from which to discover the surrounding area and all it has to offer. There are excellent beaches with smooth sands and stunning sunsets, museums that tell a story of the past, and temples with structured divinity. Kovalam Beach, Sri Padmanabhasamy Temple, East Fort, Napier Museum, Kuthira Malika, and the Trivandrum Zoo are just some of the fantastic attractions in the area surrounding Kanakakunnu Palace.
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Address of The Kanakakunnu Palace

Kanakakunnu Palace Rd, Kanaka Nagar, Trivandrum 695033 India

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