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Kovalam is a popular vacation spot because of its proximity to the beach and the clean waters of the Bhagirathi River, which flows through the town. Kovalam means 'The Beach by the Sea' in the local Tamil language. 

Kovalam Beach, also known as Covelong Beach, is located on the Coromandel Coast and is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and brilliant sunlight. This beach is a sight to behold for its pebbly, with black sand experiences and with waves breaking against the rocks. The beach, studded with swaying coconut trees, is a melting pot of outstanding tourist attractions that attracts an increasing number of visitors from all over the world. 

Kovalam beach is also known as the 'Paradise of the South.' The crescent-shaped beach is divided into two parts: Lighthouse Beach and Eve's Beach. Each beach is stunning in its own right, and both are packed with fun things to do. 

Budget-friendly cottages, convention centers, commercial districts, swimming pools, Yoga studios, and health spas are all part of Kovalam beach. It is also adjacent to historic forts, peaceful temples, mosques, and churches. So when you visit Kovalam Beach, you will be spoiled for choice. 

Things to do at Kovalam Beach

A trip aboard a houseboat is an adventure that will not disappoint. These houseboats provide you with every comfort, from ACs to delectable treats. 

Let your inner adrenaline junkie be explored with some beach-based extreme sports. Everything you might want in a water adventure is available right here, from white water surfing to thrilling motorboat excursions to relaxing canoe trips. 

Take a Catamaran ride and drift away into tranquility. 

The breakfast fare at German Bakery is sure to offer you a good start to the day. Delectable pancakes and distinctive Thai cuisine, along with breathtaking scenery, are all available in one convenient location.

The peaceful haven that Is the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram is a must-visit. 

Ayurvedic massages at the Arya Ayurvedic Center are just 2 minutes away from the beach. These massages will leave you feeling refreshed on the inside and out because this all-natural method of relieving pain with massage has been used for centuries. 

Be a part of the cultural extravaganza at the Gramam Village Fair. 

Enjoy the Music and Relaxing Atmosphere of Jeevan Music Café. 

Trip out to Vizhinjam Village for a taste of rural life. This tranquil village is a land rich in nature, although culturally very different from Kovalam. This area displays cultural diversity as a result of the Dutch, Portuguese, and Roman influences. You may learn about and try out the innovative image pear pearl manufacturing process here. 

Visit Vellayani Lake, a scenic paradise. As the sun goes down, this greatest freshwater source reveals even more breathtaking landscapes. 

Be mesmerized by Lighthouse Beach's Charm. Golden sand, pristine water, and sheer cliffs combine to create a breathtaking scene that will hold you captive. 

Check out the absolute beauty of the Karamana River. The lengthy, winding river eventually empties into the Arabian Sea, and its basin is home to a stunning variety of verdant vegetation.

Visit Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium to witness Aquatic life with fishes like Angelfish, clownfish, seahorses, boxfish, cowfish, eels, and numerous others.

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Trivandrum, India

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