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In the center of the temple city of Thiruvananthapuram stands the oldest zoo in India, the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo. When it comes to magnificent scenery and lush greenery, this zoo garden stands alone in all of India. The zoo's royal appearance, thanks to its tall trees, soaring bamboo, and verdant landscapes, earns it the uncommon distinction of being among the most picturesque in all of South and Southeast Asia. Located in the center of Thiruvananthapuram on 36 acres of land, this park serves as a haven for locals and a tourist and entertainment destination for people from all over Kerala and the world. 

Legend has it that Swathi Thirunal Maharaja (1816-1846), a renowned king and musician who governed Travancore from 1830 to 1846, was the driving force behind the creation of the Thiruvananthapuram Museum and Zoo. He was a horse breeder with an impressive collection that also included elephants. He added a menagerie to the Trivandrum stables and housed tigers, panthers, cheetahs, deer, bears, and a lioness there. Uthram Thirunal Marthanda Varma and British Resident General Cullen were responsible for establishing the Museum and Zoo in Thiruvananthapuram after he passed away. In September 1857, the Museum welcomed the general public. The Museum, however, was not enough to draw in public, so in 1859 a Zoo and a park were established. 

What to see at Thiruvananthapuram Zoo?

  • There are four different types of macaques and langurs at the Zoo. Endangered species include the Lion-tailed macaque and the Nilgiri langur. They are located in the Zoo's initial exhibit. 
  • Herbivores such as rhinoceroses, hippos, and a plethora of sambar, spotted, barking, hog, and barasingha deer call the zoo home. Indian antelopes like the Nilgai and Black Buck are also included. 
  • The lion, the Royal Bengal tiger (the national animal of India), the panther, the jaguar, the bear, the jackal, the otter, the white tiger, etc. are all carnivores present there. 
  • Storks, pelicans, egrets, herons, spoon-billed ibises, ibises, and cranes, among others, are held here in a large enclosure designed to mimic their natural environment. 
  • Pheasants, ducks, and other waterfowl of all hues can all be found here. Visitors are often captivated by unusual birds, including cockatoos, ostriches, flamingos, and macaws. Unlike the ostrich, white and grey rhea are kept in close proximity. The birds also include raptors like owls, kites, eagles, and vultures. 
  • The Southern bird wing, India's largest butterfly, and other delicate fliers are huge draws. 
  • There are more than 15 different fish species in the zoo's well-kept aquarium.
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Address of Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

Kanaka Nagar, Nanthancodu, Trivandrum, India

Opening & Closing time of Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

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