St James’s Park

Right in the center of London, St James's Park is located. Its 57 acres is bordered on the west by Buckingham Palace and the north by The Mall. The oldest of London's eight royal parks, St James's Park was given its name after a leper hospital was devoted to St James the Less.


It has served and offered British Royalty a ceremonial life for more than 400 years. It serves as the backdrop to magnificent pageants like Trooping the Colour. Trooping the Colour is held annually as Horse Guards Parade to celebrate the Sovereign's formal birthday. ‘Trooping the Color’ is a tradition dating back to the early 18th century which involves a royal inspection of the armed forces. The King marches the troops back to Buckingham Palace along The Mall trail once the event concludes.


How to explore St James's Park?

  • A tiny lake, appropriately named St James's Park Lake, is the habitat of several bird species, including 15 distinct types of waterfowl. Two islands can be found in the lake: West Island and Duck Island, which got its name from the large number of ducks that live there. Nesting places are present on both islands. Bird watchers can have a thrilling time here looking at birds. The variety of ducks around the lake will captivate birdwatchers. Additionally, the park is well-known for being the residence of a pelican colony.
  • As you go through the park, you will come across numerous memorials, fountains, and statues. The Queen Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace is one of the most recognizable. The demise of Queen Victoria in 1901 is honored by this 25-meter-tall marble monument.
  • The park is well-known for housing a pelican colony that lives there. Since a Russian diplomat gave them to St James's Park in 1664, they have been a unique and enduring feature of the Park. There is a walking tour focused on pelicans every third week of the month. It provides guests with the chance to learn about the past of famous areas, including The Mall and Horse Guards Parade before the tour concludes with the pelicans' daily feeding.
  • You can take a walk through the Princess of Wales, Diana's Memorial Walk section. It will transport you through the princess's memories.
  • At the Institute of Contemporary Arts within the park, you may broaden your intellect by attending lectures, movie screenings, and cutting-edge exhibits.
  • Look for high-caliber works of art in modest galleries like Stern Pissarro and 3812 Gallery.
  • Eat at 45 Jermyn Street to relish your taste buds. Enjoy the morning dish of scrambled eggs or the marmite-topped crumpets.
  • If you are looking for some pasta, definitely visit Cafe Murano.
  • The 'O Ver restaurant is where you can enjoy some lip-smacking pizzas.
  • The Tiffany Fountain is a stunning water plume that rises 20 feet high in the middle of the park.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of St James’s Park

London SW1A 2BJ, United Kingdom

Opening & Closing time of St James’s Park

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