Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

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Pay a visit to the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, one of the most impressive and well-known churches in all of Kerala. You will be cradled in history as you are transported on a journey through the history pages. It is the setting where reverence is paid to works of art, historic sites, and magnificent buildings.


• Learn about the history:

The history of Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica can be traced back to the beginning of the sixteenth century and continues until the arrival of Portuguese missionaries in 1500 CE.

• Identify the iconic elements:

Everyone, even those far away, is greeted by two lofty spires that are a part of this incredible structure. The inside is all done up in soft pastels, while the outside has been whitewashed and is startlingly bright.

The church's interior is decorated in the Gothic style, with imposing arches and a spectacular altar as its primary architectural features.

The most fascinating feature of the Basilica is that it is the home of the Holy Cross, which Jesus Christ used.

• Adore its unrivaled grandeur and beauty of interiors:

It is a place of worship in addition to being an important historical center, and it is decorated in colors reminiscent of the gothic style. It also features magnificent architecture and artwork. The ceilings of the Basilica are covered in seven large canvases that depict the suffering and death of Jesus while he was on the cross. One of the paintings depicted the Last Supper and was modeled after a famous piece of artwork by Leonardo da Vinci.

The ceilings, interior, and lovely stained glass windows of the building all feature frescoes and murals depicting scenes from life of Christ, which contribute to the building's overall allure.

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Address of Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

Bastian St, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala, India

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Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

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