Roque Nublo, on the island of Gran Canaria, is regarded as one of the largest natural crags in the world. It is situated in the municipality of Tejeda, in the island's centre.

Embrace the past of this hotspot:

Around 14.5 million years ago, volcanic action created Gran Canaria. Three enormous eruptions along with intervals of inactivity and erosion lead to the abrupt terrain of the island's peaks and shoreline. Roque Nublo, often known as the Rock in the Clouds, is one such volcanic feature that rises 1,813 metres above sea level. It is an 80-meter-tall volcanic rock that served as the island's original occupants' place of worship.

It was designated a rural park in 1987 and a protected natural area in 1989. Its size is only surpassed by Pico de las Nieves (Snow Peaks), Gran Canaria's tallest mountain at 1,949 metres.

Trek with views of Gran Canaria's summits:

While your eyes marvel at the valleys, ravines, and tiny settlements strewn amongst the mountains, the clean, pure mountain air will help you recuperate from the hike.

Starting from the main road, the 3-km trail leads to and from Roque Nublo. You'll be rewarded to breathtaking views of the Caldera de Tejeda, the Pozo de las Nieves, and the peculiar Roque del Fraile rock formation that resembles a cloistered monk overlooking the valley as you travel. Keep an eye out for the Roque de la Rana as well. It appears to be a frog looking across towards Roque Nublo from atop a water lily.

Explore the wealth of nature in Roque Nublo Rural Park:

When Roque Nublo being designated a Natural Space in 1987 and a Parque Rural or Rural Park in 1994, it came to represent the island. The surroundings of this enormous rock appear to be from another planet. It is abundant with broom, pine, and the rare tajinaste, which has striking scarlet blossoms.

On sunny days, the sun's rays penetrate the pine forest and produce a cosy and inviting ambiance.

Spot rich aviary here thanks to beautiful vistas:

Watch out for kestrels or Egyptian vultures as they glide smoothly on the calm trade winds, which are largely to blame for the islands' year-round pleasant weather. The winds cause the clouds to drift toward the mountain sides, creating a calm and delicate sea of clouds that resembles candy floss.

If you want to see some clouds, ignore your instincts and look down. Golden colours and the early evening shadows make the post-sunset landscape even more stunning above 1,500 metres.

Stay until evening because Roque Nublo sunsets are beautiful:

The panoramic views from this location are among the best on the island, and you can see over the Atlantic all the way to Teide (Tenerife). All the way to the top, when it opens out onto a breath-taking view, the trail meanders through a pine forest, old lava flows, and stone columns.

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