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On Gran Canaria, three of the beaches are man-made, including Anfi del Mar. Locals and visitors alike keep coming back year after year because of how well it is kept up. Vacationers staying in other parts of southern Gran Canaria can take advantage of free transportation to the beachfront resorts there in order to gauge interest in buying a timeshare.

The sand is a color between gold and white, and the water is clear and refreshing. Sand of this color and water of this quality could easily fool us into thinking we've arrived on a Pacific island.

Numerous enjoyable pursuits await you at this beach:

Couples can relax and have fun on the way to the beach, where there are plenty of places to buy souvenirs and eat at restaurants serving some of the best food in town or from around the world, or at one of the many ice cream and fast food stands.

This beach has a lot to offer those who are interested in engaging in water-based activities:

Anfi beach is highly regarded by many as one of the best on Gran Canaria. They gush over the beach's white sand and turquoise water. Almost any type of water sport imaginable can be enjoyed at a beach. Specifically, you could hire a jet ski, skates, SUP, kayak, wakeboard, parasail, banana, etc. If you're on the island for a bachelor party, this option is perfect.

Beach volleyball and tennis tournaments provide another opportunity to get some exercise in the sand while competing against others. Although spending a few hours basking in the rays on the wonderful sand and cooling off in the water will always be the main attractions here.

Anfi beach is a great place to go swimming:

The beach is in a protected area, so swimmers need not worry about strong currents. Design features and levees at both ends of the beach work together to provide an extra layer of defense against high surf.

You can go for a swim after a long day on this man-made island, which is shaped like a heart. There are a set of steps leading down to the water's edge. The water is crystal clear and extremely clean here. If you bring your mask and fins, you can go snorkeling or swimming.

Have fun at Club Maroa's stunning beach

The Beach Club Maroa and its accompanying eatery are the best on Maroa Island. Relax in one of their sunbeds and enjoy a meal or drink here. Both the food and the service are outstanding.

If you're planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria, this is the place to do it. Because of its location in a hub of tourism, the beach club's rates are higher than elsewhere on the island.

Indulge in a boat ride to Puerto de Mogán or Arguinegun from Beach Club Maroa in Anfi del Mar:

Maroa Island has a pier from which you can catch a ride to Arguineguin or Puerto de Mogán and take in the sights of the mainland. Lineas Blue Bird and Lineas Salmón are the two companies that serve this area. This is a great option for kids of all ages, and we highly recommend it.

Explore the underwater world at Anfi Beach:

In Anfi del Mar, close to the marina, you'll find a scuba diving centre where you can enrol in a course and dive off the coast of Gran Canaria. Scuba Sur Gran Canaria is the official title of this business.

Be sure to soak up the twilight:

One of the best sunsets on Gran Canaria can be seen from Patalavaca or Arguinegun, so don't miss it if you're in the area! There are two seaside promenades that lead from Anfi to this town, one along the coast between Aquamarina and Patalavaca. and yet another that parallels the highway. About three kilometres separate you from Arguinegun.

Get a tantalizing treat for your taste buds:

On the flip side, the Michelin-starred La Aquarela is conveniently located nearby. It's nestled between Anfi and Patalavaca in the Aquamarina Apartments. A visit here is a culinary necessity if you find yourself in Gran Canaria and can afford it. And not far from La Aquarela is 222 SW Bar & Grill.

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