El bufadero de La Garita

Playa de la Garita is one of Telde's hidden gems and a one-of-a-kind experience. This natural marvel can be found in Telde, Gran Canaria's easternmost municipality, along the seaside promenade that connects Hoya del Pozo and La Garita, despite taking its name from the latter.

Find the largest geological formation in Gran Canaria here:

There are two large cavities in the rocks where the ocean water flows in and out at high speed, and this is known as el Bufadero, also known as the blowhole. The hollow interior of these rocks gave rise to the name 'Bufadero.' At high tide, these openings 'spit' jets of water and produce a unique musical tone.

Pick your style of staying close to nature here:

Those interested in nature who will have the opportunity to spend several days on the island should definitely make the trip. You can sit there for hours and take in the sights and sounds without feeling the passage of time. There is a viewpoint and bench right next to El Bufadero.

Many people are afraid of being so close to the power of Nature, but for others it is a place to unwind and enjoy the day's end. However, even for locals, swimming in this area is fraught with danger. Playa de La Garita should be on your swimming agenda for the day.

Explore the neighborhood:

Whether the unusual nature of the plan or the fact that you've never heard of this part of the island has piqued your interest, all you have to do to find it is head to Telde's shoreline. But keep an eye on the tides, because the best time to visit el Bufadero is right before high tide.

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Address of El bufadero de La Garita

C. Romero, 1, 35212 La Garita, Las Palmas, Spain

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