White Water World

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WhiteWater World operates in conjunction with Dreamworld, which is one of the largest amusement parks in Australia. Visitors can avail themselves of combined tickets for the two parks, which provide a full day of excitement with thrilling rides and water park adventures.

The park offers a diverse selection of water slides, pools, and other activities that are appropriate for guests of all ages. The Wedgie, The Green Room, Triple Vortex, Super Tubes Hydrocoaster, and Pipeline Plunge are just a few well-known attractions guests enjoy visiting.

WhiteWater World features special nighttime events known as 'Fright Nights' on certain evenings throughout the year. Visitors get the opportunity to be involved in an exciting and eerie experience at these events, which feature haunted mazes, fright zones, and live entertainment.

WhiteWater World is committed to offering accessible services to visitors with disabilities. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the water park, the park provides accessible parking, wheelchair-friendly facilities, and assistance programs.

Things to do at White Water World

Cave of Waves: Swim or float in the immense wave pool that is the Cave of Waves. Without leaving the park, visitors can experience the rhythm of the periodic waves and appreciate the sensation of being in the ocean.

Wiggle Bay: Visit Wiggle Bay, an area especially made for kids, if you have little children in tow. Let the kids explore water-based attractions like shallow pools and short slides.

FlowRider: Try flow boarding with the FlowRider attraction. Ride the artificial waves on a bodyboard or surfboard to evaluate your balance and ability. It's a unique and thrilling encounter.

Souvenir Shopping: WhiteWater World has gift shops where visitors can find special souvenirs and merchandise to commemorate their visit. There is something for everyone, ranging from apparel and accessories to trinkets and mementos.

Combined Experience with Dreamworld: Plan your trip to WhiteWater World and the adjacent theme park, Dreamworld. A combined ticket permits an entire day of amusement park attractions and water park activities.

Live Entertainment: Check the park's schedule for performances of live entertainment. WhiteWater World occasionally organizes shows, musical performances, and other special events that provide additional entertainment during your visit.

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    4 hours

Address of White Water World

1 Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD, Gold Coast 4209 Australia

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