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Kirra Beach is located in the southern region of the Gold Coast, between Coolangatta Beach and Bilinga Beach. It is famous for its beautiful stretch of golden sand, clear water, and exceptional surfing conditions.

Kirra Beach attracts surfers owing to its renowned surf breaks, which provide some of the finest waves in the region. Kirra Beach is often referred to as the 'spiritual home of surfing' on the Gold Coast. It has been an iconic surf spot since the sport's earliest days in Australia. The Kirra Surf Life Saving Club, founded in 1914, is one of the oldest surf clubs in Queensland. It has been host to a variety of surfing tournaments, some of the most renowned of which include the Quiksilver Pro and the Roxy Pro events.

Besides its famous surfing scene, it offers a diverse selection of outdoor activities. One can swim, sunbathe, or simply unwind on the sandy shore. Visitors can enjoy a safe swimming environment at the beach, as vigilant lifeguards regularly patrol it. In addition to its stunning beachfront, the area has a range of facilities that make it an ideal spot for picnics and family gatherings. Visitors can take advantage of the picnic grounds, BBQ areas, and grassy areas to enjoy a relaxing day by the beach.

Just off the coast of Kirra Beach is the Kirra Reef, a popular snorkeling and scuba diving location. The reef is filled with marine life, such as vibrant corals, tropical fish, and even the occasional sea turtle. Those interested in exploring the marine ecosystem can enjoy a unique underwater experience.

Things to do at Kirra Beach

Surfing: Kirra Beach is an extremely popular destination for surfers, renowned for its exceptional waves that are considered among the best in the world. Experience the thrill of surfing by taking your board and riding the renowned Kirra Point break. Or you can venture to the other surf breaks along the picturesque coastline. For those who are new to surfing, local surf schools offer surf lessons that you can take advantage of.

Snorkeling and diving: Kirra Reef, located just off the coast, features a rich underwater ecosystem. Explore this region's vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, and marine life by snorkeling or scuba diving. Local dive shops offer guided excursions and equipment rental services.

Take coastal walks: The beachfront walkway that extends from Kirra Beach to Coolangatta is ideal for a stroll. Take in the ocean views, inhale the sea air, and pause at the vantage points for photo opportunities.

Visit Point Danger: Visit Point Danger, which is located between Coolangatta and Kirra. Climb the observation tower for a 360-degree view of the coast, where visitors can catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales (during migration seasons) and take in breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Explore Coolangatta: Coolangatta, a neighboring town, offers plenty of attractions that are worth exploring. Take a stroll or drive to this scenic destination, and you'll be greeted with stunning beaches, bustling shopping precincts, and a diverse range of dining options to suit all tastes. The area offers a variety of boutique stores that are perfect for browsing and finding distinct valuables.

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Douglas St, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia

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