The Magic Fountain

The Font Màgica, also known as the Magic Fountain, is the centerpiece of a complex of fountains, pools, and cascades on Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina. This boulevard connects Montjuc's Palau Nacional with Plaça d'Espanya.

The magic fountain is a stunning display of color, light, action, music, and water acrobatics. And when these components are combined in just the right ways, the results are magical.

Things to do at the Magic Fountain:

  • There is a stunning dancing fountain display with music, water acrobatics, and light:

Each evening in the summer, tens of thousands of people assemble to take in the show, sitting on the numerous steps that go up to the MNAC museum and taking in the magnificent performance with music and illumination in every color of the rainbow features this enormous fountain bubbling and bursting, spewing and spouting torrents of water. The views in this area of the city are breathtaking, and you can see from Plaça Espanya to the Tibidabo Mountain slopes.

  • It is as much a treat for the ears as it is a feast for the eyes:

Around 2,600 liters of water per second dance to the beat of all kinds of music, including Disney tunes, classical music, movie soundtracks, and hits from the 1980s and 1990s, at various times throughout the day. Freddie Mercury and the Catalan soprano Montserrat Caballé sang 'Barcelona,' the anthem of Barcelona '92, near the fountain as the song's centerpiece.

  • Enjoy the opportunity to capture memories by filming and taking pictures of the performance:

We suggest stopping by the Magic Fountain before dusk to catch the scheduled spectacle with a fountain of light, water, and music. The music will begin at this point, and the fountain will begin to light up with various hues as the water starts to dance to the tune's beat. You'll be mesmerized by the dancing water patterns performed to music and light choreography in addition to viewing a piece of Catalan history.

  • It has become a party to many institutional and international events and occasions for support, solidarity, and sentiments:

The 1992 Olympic Games, the music and fireworks displays of La Mercè festival, and New Year's Eve celebrations are just a few of the fountain's significant events. The 'Piromusical,' a massive fireworks display with music and a laser show, is held in Montjuic's Magic Fountain as the final act of La Mercè, Barcelona's largest festival. This is a charming and fun event for all ages and truly a treasured tradition and highlight of the Mercè festival.

  • An actual work of engineering at the service of the most innovative spectacle:

With the recent installation of LED lighting and the exclusive use of phreatic water to fill its tanks, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic has become a city symbol. It is supported by a strong commitment to the battle against climate change.

  • Go behind the scenes to feed your intellect:

View the systems running the water and light show in the original control room beneath the fountains. 4,760 light bulbs and 120 skylights shine on the water jets. Bugas' rotating pentagonal prisms, piled on top of one another, are used to create an unlimited range of color tones. Seven billion combinations of water and light are possible because of their engine, brakes, and speed-reduction mechanism, which gradually lets the water jets shift from one color to another.

  • Soak in the views:

Even when the fountain is not in use, it offers a special vantage point with breathtaking views of Barcelona, from the Plaça Espanya to the Tibidabo mountains. The fountain uses recycled water to conserve drinking water is also essential to note.

In the neighborhood:

  • The National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Poble Espanyol, and Montjuic Mountain are a few of the nearby attractions that you may check out.

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Address of The Magic Fountain

Pl. de Carles Buïgas, 1, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

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