Casa Mila - La Pedrera

The Casa Milà, one of Barcelona's most well-known monuments, is situated on the elegant Passeig de Gràcia, a short distance from the Plaça Catalunya. This is the pinnacle of Antoni Gaud's career; it was created as a modernist structure that satisfies contemporary societal demands without sacrificing his primary sources of inspiration, nature and organic shapes. This must-see tourist attraction combines imagination with practicality.

Things to do at Casa Mila:

  • Make sense of why this is called La Pedrera

Don't be shocked if the majority of locals call the structure La Pedrera, which is Spanish for 'the quarry.' The moniker for the Casa Milà, appears to have been given to it because of its jagged stone façade, which is suggestive of rough pieces of rock. It is made up of limestone, which is found in the Garraf Natural Park, close to the beach town of Sitges and south of Barcelona.

  • Catholic iconography is prominent in the artwork

Antoni Gaud, a devoted Catholic, was prone to using religious allegory in his creations.Along with images of the Virgin Mary and passages from the Rosary, the Casa Milà also has sculptures of the archangels St. Michael and St. Gabriel.

  • The Casa Milà or La Pedrera is an architectural landmark:

A stunning modernist structure designed by the architect features two inside courtyards that provide the apartments ventilation and light. The primary components both within and outside La Pedrera are sinuous, curved shapes. The wrought-iron balcony railings of the Casa Milà's façade include seaweed designs that combine with the waves to create the impression of a moving sea. The massive stone blocks serve as a kind of skin for a structure without load-bearing walls. The longest façade on Passeig de Gràcia resembles an undulating stone sculpture that plays with light and shadow to create a sensation of movement. The sea was converted into a façade.

  • The best summertime performances are a delight to watch:

One of the first of Gaud's structures to host nighttime events on the rooftop was Casa Mila. Don't miss the Jazz Evenings on the La Pedrera Roof Terrace this summer, where you can hear the best jazz musicians perform live on a breathtaking rooftop.

  • Light from the courtyards shine bright and create magical reflections:

Casa Mila is the only structure in Barcelona's Eixample neighbourhood with two enormous courtyards in addition to its little ventilation courtyards, which Gaudi put into his design to enhance lighting and ventilation throughout the building's 16 apartments.

  • There is a museum in an attic:

The Espai Gaud, the sole interpretation centre in Barcelona specialising on Gaud's whole body of work, is located in the attic of La Pedrera. You may discover more about his architecture and his sources of inspiration right here.

  • Make the msot of bird's eyeview from here:

Take in the scintillating views of Barcelona from Casa Mila's rooftop. Gaudi created sculptures out of the chimneys and staircase exits in this unusual location.

  • Regarding its purpose, design, and adornment, Casa Mila is a creative piece:

It is noteworthy for its present uses as well: it serves as the headquarters of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, hosts cultural events, and has a ground-floor café and stores. The main floor flat is now used as exhibition space.

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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Casa Mila - La Pedrera

Pg. de Gràcia, 92, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

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