The Museum CosmoCaixa (pronounced 'caisha') for science is one of the most intriguing and largest museums in Barcelona and Spain, with approximately 30,000 m2. It was built for 100 million euros and inaugurated in 2005.

The CosmoCaixa in Barcelona has unique exhibitions and family-friendly activities that put science, nature, and the environment front and center.

The well-known attraction, one of the biggest museums in Barcelona and Spain, draws curious minds with intriguing displays, including a spectacular planetarium that gives visitors a 3D image of our enormous solar system.

CosmoCaixa's goal is to 'stimulate people's knowledge and opinion about science' in Barcelona. The structure is filled with touch- and play-friendly interactive elements.

Things to do at CosmoCaixa:

  • Family-friendly activities are available at Barcelona's CosmoCaixa:

Recent encounters include Creactivity, an interactive display for kids seven and younger that encourages a lot of experimenting and thinking. The scientific museum also presents performances, workshops, and special events throughout the year. The outside architecture is equally noteworthy for its Modernista design.

  • Visitors can test experiments:

The CosmoCaixa is more of a hands-on museum with various activities to try out around every corner than a place to stare. Instructional and interactive methods are used to convey several scientific fields. You have the opportunity to independently investigate many physical, technological, geological, chemical, and mathematical relationships.

  • You may do further physical tests on the expansive outdoor grounds:

The largest one consists of two satellite dishes around 80 meters apart and demonstrates how readily sound waves can be conveyed when someone speaks into one end of the dish. At the same time, the other can hear them despite the distance.

  • Educative engagement to nurture and nourish intellect:

To provide anybody interested in a deeper understanding of the world of science, CosmoCaixa provides its guests with various activities and permanent and temporary displays. The CosmoCaixa museum frequently hosts ad hoc scientific displays.

  • Displays that excite and ignite interest in math and science:

The new permanent display, 'The Universe Gallery,' which educates visitors about the universe and its development from the big bang to the present, is one of the museum's most notable features. An interactive journey explores the universe's origins, species' development, and the human brain's complex inner workings.

  • Sustainable Construction is a trailblazer in itself:

The structure is intended to serve as an educational building project that showcases recent and upcoming environmental advancements. The structure is dedicated to promoting sustainability and educating the general population.

  • Look around the museum with the help of the Explainers CosmoCaixa program's young weekend participants:

Your understanding of all the scientific information in the museum's four exhibit areas, including the entry, the vertical garden, the Archimedes Garden, and the photovoltaic sunflowers, will be aided by the explainers.

  • Buy yourself a keepsake:

For guests who want to purchase souvenirs with a scientific theme, CosmoCaixa also features a bookshop and gift shop. If you're looking for a Spanish-Mediterranean supper, the Arcasa CosmoCaixa restaurant is the ideal choice.

  • Unwind and relax:

The museum offers a wonderful patio where you can enjoy a coffee and unwind after viewing the exhibits and view Barcelona.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of CosmoCaxia

Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Opening & Closing time of CosmoCaxia

  • Monday
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  • Sunday

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