Valle delle Ferriere

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The deep and green Valle Delle Ferriere is spanned by a torrent of crystal-clear water, amazing waterfalls, historic water mills, and ironworks. One of the 41 Italian biogenetic reserves is the Ferriere Valley, the jewel of Scala. It is a remote valley that extends six kilometers down into the Amalfi region from the Scala Mountains. It is a piece of nature that dates back in time and has been almost entirely preserved for humanity, perhaps because it is remote and challenging to get to the valley.

This valley supplied the energy for the preindustrial industries built in the Valley during the Middle Ages, in addition to irrigating the crops. Due to the existence of ironworks, the top portion, known as Ferriere Valley, is considered to be part of Scala's territory. The Valley of Mills is the name given to the lower portion close to Amalfi since there are old paper mills there that are still powered by water.

The most amorous travelers will be mesmerized by its ambiance and the primitive and fairytale-like scenic splendor.

How to explore Valle delle Ferriere?

  • The valley is shielded from chilly northerly winds by high, rocky mountains. On the other side, it is exposed to the warm, humid air from the sea from the south. The vegetation inversion phenomenon occurs when a valley's bottom vegetation develops in a fresh, humid environment resulting from this specific climatic state. This is where the Mediterranean scrub developed on the higher walls will be visible to you.
  • You can see the magnificent fossilized moss wall in the center of the valley's protected area. The wall drips steadily along its whole surface like a massive sponge saturated with water. The calcium bicarbonate accumulated along the hanging moss due to the water's continual drip has petrified it into a solid structure of live stalactites.
  • Ancient plant species provide the perfect environment for a diverse ecosystem with immeasurable scientific and ecological significance here. Check out the most extinct species of plants in this valley. Among these are Woodwardia radicals, Arsenic Sponge, ancient flowers like Erica terminals and other carnivorous plants to capture and digest insects.
  • Waterfalls and streams flow along the entire valley. So it is a great spot to hike and get soaked in cool waters.
  • By following the Canneto river and concluding at the well-known Riserva Naturale Orientata, the trekking route enables you to explore both the town and the Valley's most significant location.

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Address of Valle delle Ferriere

84010, Amalfi Italy

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