The historic center of Amalfi, also known as Centro Storico, is a place where one may take a dip in the middle of the city between alleys, restaurants that serve local cuisine, and stores selling a variety of goods.

You will be surprised by the Mediterranean air, the vibrant environment, and the monuments that can be found in this ancient core of Amalfi. Spend a few hours in this bright center, where the antique streets open onto little squares and tempting views of the sea, as part of your trip along the Amalfi coast.

How to explore Centro Storico?

  • You can get lost in the enchantment of the Centro Storico's winding alleyways, small backstreets, and characterful little squares that are decorated with fountains if you wander the fascinating labyrinth of the area.
  • The historic center of the picturesque coastal town is packed with cozy cafes, restaurants, and antique shops.
  • The medieval cathedral and its spacious stairway serve as the focal point of the historic district. The outside of the medieval cathedral decorated in mosaics is stunning, particularly in the late afternoon when the sun is low. Recently added exhibits include a very educational museum, fresh discoveries, and restorations.
  • The passage of time has had very little impact on the vibrant facades, flower-filled niches, and vaulted passageways that can be admired here.
  • Visit the nearby two towers, the Torre di Pogerola and the Torre Dello Ziro, that overlook the coast. This is a very popular area among hikers because the trails are exciting. So you can let out your inner adventurer here.
  • Be present at this center in November when Amalfi's patron saint is honored to witness great festivities, fireworks, band performances, and a lot of fun.
  • Go to Chiostro del Paradiso in the center. It is a Moorish-style cloister from the 13th century featuring 120 columns, a garden, and religious artifacts.
  • Check out Saint Andrew's Fountain. It is situated outside the cathedral. is a marble Baroque-style fountain representing the Apostle with four cherubs and a nymph at his feet. It is a great place to stop, sit down and absorb some sun while you drink your coffee or eat your ice cream.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Centro Storico

Amalfi, Italy

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