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The world was first introduced to handmade paper in Amalfi. Without a doubt, the XIII century marks the beginning of the creation of writing a paper on parchment and on bambagina. For a very long time, Amalfi's primary industry was the paper business. Amalfi speedily creates its own authentic paper at numerous paper factories. This achievement has helped Amalfi gain recognition as a leading global paper producer.

Amalfi's paper museum, Museo Della Carta, is located in a former paper mill that dates back to the 13th century. With guided tours available in Italian, English, German, French, and Spanish, this edifice, which is unique in the world, allows its visitors the thrill of traveling back in time and witnessing firsthand the ancient ways of papermaking.

How to explore Museo della Carta?

  • You can admire the centuries-old machines used in the production of handmade paper and the old wooden hammers, which were driven by a hydraulic wheel. You can check out how the workers could beat and shred the linen, cotton, and hemp rags and how it was previously collected in the mighty stone piles.
  • You will also get to see the Dutch machine installed in the museum paper mill on 18 November 1745. You can notice how the 18th-century presses were used to remove excess water from the sheets through the paper machine in circles.
  • In order to recreate the feeling of making a sheet of the priceless handmade paper of Amalfi, all of these papermaking machines have been put back in operation. During your visit, they are all run with the strength and power of the Canneto stream.
  • Check out the Dettaglio machine olandese, a special workbench for the paper manufacturer to develop the tools and mechanical parts necessary for the long work of those who produced paper by hand.
  • The Museum Gift Shop gives you a chance to purchase unique keepsakes by offering the whole local production of handmade paper together with writing instruments and many other things.

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Address of Museo della Carta

Via delle Cartiere 23, 84011, Amalfi Italy

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