Korean War Veterans Memorial

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The Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC is a striking outdoor memorial that honors the men and women who served in the Korean War. The memorial features a triangular field of 19 stainless steel statues of soldiers, each about 7 feet tall, representing an infantry squad on patrol. The soldiers are dressed in full combat gear and arranged to give the impression of movement through the rough terrain of Korea.

The statues are set in front of a polished black granite wall inscribed with the words 'Freedom Is Not Free.' At night, the memorial is illuminated, creating a haunting and emotional atmosphere. The Korean War Veterans Memorial is a powerful and moving tribute to the sacrifices made by those who served in the Korean War.

Things to do at Korean War Veterans Memorial

Pay your respects: The Korean War Veterans Memorial is a place to remember and honor the people who served in the Korean War. Take a moment to reflect and pay your respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Explore the statues: The 19 stainless steel statues at the memorial are incredibly detailed and lifelike. Take some time to walk around and explore the statues, noting the different poses and expressions.

Read the inscriptions: The memorial includes several inscriptions that provide context and information about the Korean War. Take the time to read and learn from these inscriptions.

Take photographs: The Korean War Veterans Memorial is a beautiful and striking site that makes for great photographs. Take your time and capture some memorable shots to share with friends and family.

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Address of Korean War Veterans Memorial

900 Ohio Dr SW, Washington, DC 20024, United States

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