Lincoln Memorial

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The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most iconic landmarks in Washington, D.C. It is a monument built to honor Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, who led the country through the Civil War and succeeded in abolishing slavery.

The Lincoln Memorial is located at the west end of the National Mall, and also it is stone’s throw away from the Washington Monument. The memorial is a neoclassical-style building that is 99 feet tall and was designed by Henry Bacon.

At the center of the Lincoln Memorial, you can find a 19 feet tall statue of Abraham Lincoln which is carved from 28 blocks of white marble. The interior of the memorial is lined with 36 fluted Doric columns, each representing a state in the Union (at the time of Lincoln's presidency). The walls of the memorial feature inscriptions of Lincoln's famous speeches and writings.

The Lincoln Memorial is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It is open to the public for 24 hours a day. Lincoln Memorial is not only a tribute to one of the country’s greatest Presidents but also it is a great symbol of American democracy and unity.

Things to do at Lincoln Memorial

Explore the Memorial: Take a walk around the Lincoln Memorial and explore the interior of the building. Read the inscriptions on the walls, and spend some time sitting in front of the statue of Lincoln.

Enjoy the View: The Lincoln Memorial provides one of the best views of the National Mall and the surrounding monuments. Take in the breathtaking view of the Reflecting Pool, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol building.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset: The Lincoln Memorial is open 24 hours a day, making it a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset over the National Mall. The soft glow of the rising or setting sun creates a stunning and peaceful atmosphere.

Visit the nearby attractions: You can visit the attractions like World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and Korean War Veterans Memorial located near the Lincoln Memorial.

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Address of Lincoln Memorial

2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington, DC 20002, United States

Opening & Closing time of Lincoln Memorial

  • Monday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Tuesday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Wednesday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Thursday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Friday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Saturday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Sunday
    Open 24 Hours

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