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The Holy Trinity Cathedral Church is an Anglican cathedral that can also be referred to as the Sialkot Cathedral. It is located on The Mall, part of the Sialkot Cantonment (Quaid-i-Azam Road). It is currently under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Sialkot in the Church of Pakistan.


Learn about the personality who is honored here:

On January 30, 1857, the church was dedicated by the Right Reverend Daniel Wilson, who served as the Bishop of Calcutta at the time. At the time, Sialkot was a part of the Diocese of Calcutta.

Admire the architectural elements:

Holy Trinity, the tower that shined past the green tree tops that sway in the early breeze, is where you will get your first taste of the colonial architecture in the center of Sialkot.

The amazing magnificent structure is dressed in brick red to appreciate the architecture. It was inspired to come across the plaques, the brass ones, the ones carved on stone and wood, raised and placed there for years, in remembrance of the ones who are invisible, for the prayers presented in remembrance radiate an air of solemnity and an aroma of respect.

Read and appreciate the inscriptions to know more about the locale:

The Latin line 'Si Monumentum requiris, circumspice' (which can be translated as 'searching the craftsmen's legacy? '), which is engraved on the memorial plaque, is perennially beautiful and will never go out of style.

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Sialkot Cantonment

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