Allama Iqbal Library

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The Allama Iqbal Library is one of the city's oldest libraries and is located in the center of Sialkot. It has a sizable book collection, and its holdings span many subject areas.

It began operations in 1894, making its age approximately 127 years old.

The Government Allama Iqbal Library Sialkot is another name for this location.


• Learn more about the muse:

Iqbal was the inheritor of a very illustrious literary, mystical, philosophical, and theological legacy that had been passed down for generations. He absorbed and incorporated all of the finest aspects of Islamic and Eastern ideas and culture from both the past and the present.

His breadth of curiosity extended to the realms of religion, philosophy, art, politics, and economics, as well as the revitalization of Muslim life and the universal brotherhood of man. The force of his prose could be felt not just in writing he produced in his native tongue but also in writing he delivered in English.

His two novels written in English are evidence of his fluency in the language. However, poetry was the form of expression that he excelled at the most. Everything he was thinking and feeling, almost without volition, formed itself into verse.

• Know more about the management:

Before 1961, the district administration of Sialkot moved this library from its previous location in the ancient Sialkot Fort to its current location on Paris Road in Sialkot. At that time, they gave the library the name Allama Iqbal Library. At this time, the education department of Sialkot is in charge of the administrative operations of this library.

• Browse through the wealth of information available in the literary resources:

Every every day, this library is frequented by thousands of students.

Thousands of books in English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic and other languages cover all facets of life.

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Address of Allama Iqbal Library

Paris Rd, near General Post, Sialkot, Pakistan

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