Perissa Black Sand Beach

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Visitors that come to visit Ancient Thera can view Perissa Beach, which is located at the base of Mesa Vuono Mountain. Numerous scientists and photographers were drawn to Perissa's black lava because of the area's glistening black sand beach.

It's fascinating to observe this uncommon color combination because the dark sand at the bottom of the ocean gives its waters a dark blue tint. Perissa Beach, like Kamari Beach, is a fully functional beach with showers, lounge chairs, lifeguards, and even a playground for children. With diving schools, parasailing, windsurfing, and banana boats that speed you around the islands, Perissa is a hotspot for water activities.

The lovely water park with three water pools, slides, and relaxing spaces is the icing on the cake. Excellent Greek traditional cuisine and seafood are served at the cafés and restaurants along the beach. Perissa has a larger evening scene than Kamari, and once the clock passes 7, the atmosphere gets intense.

Activities on Perissa Black Sand Beach:

Perissa will win your heart if you have never been to a beach with black sand. The sand at this location is composed of pumice, shimmering minerals, and powdered volcanic rock, which gives it a beautiful black color. The black, pleasant sand in the mornings insulates more heat, but in the summer it becomes too hot to sit on immediately.

The black sand, absence of underwater vegetation, and availability of snorkeling locations near the shore make Perissa a less-than-ideal snorkeling location. Snorkeling equipment can be rented from stores. This is the perfect environment to choose if you like to swim through pure, calm water that is sapphire blue in color.

However, if you have children, you need to exercise caution because there are deceptive undercurrents that could be harmful to inexperienced swimmers. You should not let the youngsters go near the sea by themselves.

There are sizable boulders on which you may sit and listen to the ocean rip against the coast, and the sea is remarkably quiet. There are many places to rent kayaks along the shore, and the lack of disturbance makes for excellent paddling options.


The Perissa beach is lined with small stores where you can get things like massage oil, sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, and other necessities. Additionally, you can rent water shoes. These enormously durable shoes have excellent traction and make it simple to navigate the rocky beach and slick bed.

There are a few small stores that offer affordable local artwork and gifts. There are more opportunities to find a deal because this area is less commercialized than Oia, Fira, or even Kamari.

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Address of Perissa Black Sand Beach

Santorini, Greece