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You will be inspired and intrigued by the Greek island of Santorini. Any romantic vacation is made more magical by the stunning sunsets and distinctive local wines. The caldera, beaches with red and black rocks, and castles will fascinate families. You should visit Santorini to see the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, which is located in the heart of Fira.


The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral on Santorini island is situated toward the bottom of the town of Fira and was built in 1827. Due to its location, it can be seen from several locations on Santorini. The caldera and Santorini's volcano may be seen from the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral.

The outside of the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is covered with stunning mosaics and is white. Beautiful frescoes by a local artist by the name of Christoforos Asimis may be found within. Christoforos Asimis, a Santorini native, attends the Fine Art School of Athens University where he studies painting and sacred art. He earned an honors degree in 1970. In addition, the cathedral has a bell tower and sweeping arches that form a serene courtyard.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Fira's nearly complete interior is covered in frescoes that took the artist seven years to complete.

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck the island of Santorini in July of 1956 left it in ruins. The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Santorini was among the devastated structures. The cathedral was renovated soon after the earthquake.

Best Things to do:

The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is unmistakable on the island of Santorini. It will captivate you with its vastness and splendor since you can see it from many different places. Soft background music is frequently played inside the church, which enhances the ambiance. For even more splendor, look up at the magnificent ceiling.

The cathedral is a great place to learn about the island's religious past. You should remove your headwear and dress modestly when entering the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral because you are entering a place of worship. You can appreciate exploring the port of Gialos, which served as Santorini's primary harbor for a while, while you are in Fira for the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. These days, boats and cruises that carry visitors on tours of the volcano use it.

The structure possesses all the traits of an Orthodox structure. Icons and mosaics in various colors are present. Along with its remarkable bell tower, the arches and arcades forming a tiny courtyard are especially noteworthy.

Be sure to see the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral if you ever travel to the Greek island of Santorini.

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Address of Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Ipapantis, Santorini, Greece