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Visitors from all over the world are drawn to Santorini by the stunning settlement of Oia on this well-known Greek island. But there's another location you must visit that's situated just below the rocks of this beautiful town. Amoudi Bay, a tiny group of eateries and vibrant structures, is the ideal addition to any Santorini itinerary. After touring Oia, stop by Amoudi Bay for a supper of fresh seafood or go down for beverages after dusk! Here is all you need to know before visiting the magnificent Amoudi Bay.

Amoudi Bay in Santorini was largely used as a fishing and transportation center before the arrival of heavy tourism. But because so many tourists came to see this unique island, the bay was filled with fantastic restaurants!

The Amoudi Bay in Santorini is surrounded by crystal-clear blue water and brilliant red volcanic granite cliffs. You may glimpse the stunning white and blue structures of Oia town by looking up farther. Amoudi Bay is not even visited by many tourists. But if you don't, you're doing it wrong. Worth visiting up close is this adorable port.

Go Hiking:

You might not immediately see the path leading down to Amoudi Bay depending on where you are in Oia. However, there is a flight of nearly 300-wide stone stairs that will descend to the water.

Santorini's Amoudi Bay is accessible by a few moderately steep steps. Don't forget to conserve some energy for the climb back up! Additionally, watch out for the donkey poop that can occasionally be seen on the steps. This is one of the main arguments in favor of wearing shoes rather than flip-flops.


The eateries on Amoudi Bay are without a doubt this part of Santorini's primary attraction. Fresh fish that is caught every day and transported into the harbor is available for tasting here.

There are a few different eateries, most of which serve identical food, and all of which have stunning seaside views. However, it's a wise decision to make a booking if you intend to arrive during the busiest sunset hours. particularly for a table directly by the water!


Santorini is not well renowned for its beaches, in contrast to many other Greek islands. Still, there are a few enjoyable and distinctive swimming spots, such as Amoudi Bay! A trail circles the corner of the cliffside as you head left past the eateries in Amoudi Bay. You can see the tiny Saint Nicholas island off the coast from there. On a hot summer day, you can generally see people swimming here. You can even paddle out to the tiny island for some cliff jumping if you're an adventurous traveler.

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