The Johnny Cash Museum

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The museum honors Johnny Cash's life, music, and legacy as one of the most iconic and influential musicians in American history. The influence of Johnny Cash on country, rock and roll, and popular music cannot be exaggerated. The museum provides a thorough examination of his journey, highlighting his musical skills, personal struggles, and cultural impact.

The museum encompasses two floors and features exhibits that chronologically depict Johnny Cash's life and career. Each exhibit highlights various facets of his life, such as his early influences, rise to prominence, personal struggles, and cultural impact. By compiling an extensive collection of Johnny Cash memorabilia, the museum contributes significantly to the preservation of music history. Through the lens of Cash's career, it provides a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the rich cultural heritage of American music.

Not only do the exhibits honor Cash's accomplishments, but they also provide context for the music industry during his time.

It provides a distinct opportunity for visitors to engage with the rich cultural heritage of American music through the lens of Cash's career. In addition to recognizing Cash's achievements, the exhibits provide context for the music industry during his era.

Nashville's Johnny Cash Museum has become an important cultural landmark and a popular tourist attraction. It attracts people from all walks of life, including music lovers, history buffs, and Johnny Cash devotees. The museum contributes to the thriving arts and music culture of Nashville, also known as 'Music City, USA,' and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the city's rich musical history.

Things to do at The Johnny Cash Museum

  • Explore the exhibits: The museum features several exhibits that emphasize significant events and artifacts in Johnny Cash's life. These include the original Cash family Bible, his 1950 Martin D-28 guitar known as 'The Martin,' his iconic black stage suit, handwritten lyrics to his famous compositions, and a number of awards he received over the course of his career.

  • The 'Walk the Line' exhibit provides a virtual reality experience in which visitors can follow Johnny Cash's voyage from his childhood home in Dyess, Arkansas to his famous performance at Folsom Prison.

  • Listen to Cash’s music: There are listening stations throughout the museum where one can experience Johnny Cash's iconic music. Take a moment to sit back, unwind, and immerse in the unique sound and narratives of his songs and listen to some of his greatest hits.

  • Learn about June Carter Cash and the Cash family: The museum also honors June Carter Cash and other Cash family members who played important roles in Johnny Cash's life and career. Explore the exhibits devoted to their contributions and discover the musical legacy of the family.

  • Visit the museum store: Before departing, be sure to visit the museum store. Explore an extensive range of Johnny Cash merchandise, such as music albums, books, apparel, accessories, and rare memorabilia. It is an excellent opportunity to find a unique souvenir or gift to commemorate your trip.

  • Capture memories: Take photos and footage as you explore the museum to document the trip. From the exhibits to the interactive displays, there are numerous photo-worthy moments at the Johnny Cash Museum to preserve your memories.
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Address of The Johnny Cash Museum

119 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201, USA

Opening & Closing time of The Johnny Cash Museum

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