Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

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Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is the historic plantation and residence of the nation's seventh president, Andrew Jackson. It is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and provides a view into the life and times of this influential American historical figure.

The Hermitage is home to a well-maintained Greek Revival mansion that was constructed in 1819. The estate encompasses over 1,000 acres and features beautiful gardens, walking paths, and historic outbuildings.

The Hermitage provides a thorough account of Jackson's life, including his complicated relationship with slavery. The site features exhibits and discussions that emphasize the significance of African American history by shedding light on the lives of the slaves who lived and worked on the plantation.

The Hermitage attracts visitors from around the world and contributes to Nashville's tourism industry. It is a popular destination for American history enthusiasts, school groups, and vacationers due to its historical significance, picturesque grounds, and opportunities for learning.

Some of the famous outbuildings at the Hermitage are the kitchen, the smokehouse, and the slave cabins. These buildings show how people lived back then and make captivating sights to take photographs of. Check the official website or call Andrew Jackson's Hermitage to find out the most up-to-date information about trips, events, and ticketing.

Things to do at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

  • Explore the mansion: Take a guided tour of the Hermitage to learn about Andrew Jackson and his family's living quarters. Discover the architecture, furnishings, and historical significance of the chambers, such as the dining room, library, and Jackson's study.

  • Take a Slave Cabin Tour: Join a guided tour of the slave cottages at the Hermitage to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of enslaved individuals. These excursions illuminate the daily lives, struggles, and contributions of the slave community, which was an integral part of the plantation.

  • Learn from the interpretive exhibits: The Hermitage provides interpretive displays that provide additional insight into Andrew Jackson's life, presidency, and plantation's history. These exhibits include antiquities, documents, and multimedia displays to enhance your knowledge of the era.

  • Explore the Andrew Jackson visitor center: Head to the visitor center to view displays about Andrew Jackson's life, military career, and presidency. The center provides supplementary educational resources, such as films and interactive displays.

  • Picnic and Relax: Bring a lunch along and savor a leisurely meal at one of the Hermitage's designated picnic sites on the grounds of the museum. Take some time to unwind, take in the beauty of your surroundings, and think about the place's rich past and the role it has played in history.

  • Reflect on Jackson’s tomb: Visit the Hermitage to see where Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel Jackson, are buried. Pay your respects to the seventh President of the United States and think about what he left behind.
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Address of Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

4580 Rachels Ln, Hermitage, Nashville, TN 37076, USA

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