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The Tennessee State Museum was founded in 1937 and is one of the nation's oldest and largest state museums. Its mission is to preserve and interpret Tennessee's history and culture for the enjoyment and education of visitors.

The museum features an extensive collection of artifacts, weapons, uniforms, and personal items associated with the American Civil War. It offers insight into the experiences of soldiers and civilians, as well as the war's effect on Tennessee.

The museum focuses on the cultural diversity that symbolizes Tennessee. Native Americans, African Americans, European settlers, and other communities that have influenced the state's identity are highlighted in exhibits. By highlighting this diversity, the museum promotes inclusivity and cultivates a deeper appreciation for Tennessee's cultural heritage.

The Tennessee State Museum represents the entire state in its position as the official state museum. It seeks to represent the stories and narratives of all regions, from the Appalachians to the Mississippi River. This promotes a sense of shared identity as well as understanding among Tennesseans.

The fact that the Tennessee State Museum is open to the public without charge is one of its greatest features. This enables visitors to explore and learn about the state's history and heritage at no cost.

Things to do at the Tennessee State Museum

  • Explore the exhibits: Take your time to explore the various exhibitions that the museum has to offer. These displays span a wide variety of subjects, such as the history of Native Americans, the Civil War, the history of African Americans, music, art, and more. Participate in the exhibits, read the interpretive panels, and fully immerse yourself in the diverse historical and cultural traditions of Tennessee.

  • Attend special events and programs: Throughout the year, the Tennessee State Museum hosts a variety of special events and programs. Check the museum's website or call for information about lectures, seminars, demonstrations, and live performances that may coincide with your visit.

  • Take up guided tours: The museum offers knowledgeable guided tours. Participating in a guided tour can enrich your experience by providing additional insights, anecdotes, and context regarding the exhibits. It's a chance to learn from professionals and ask questions.

  • Enjoy the outdoor spaces: Take some time to explore the surrounding Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, which can be found directly across the street from the museum. The park features stunning landscaping, memorials, and informational signs that showcase the history and landmarks of the state of Tennessee.

  • Visit the museum shop: Visit the gift store at the museum and look through a selection of books, presents, and mementos that are all connected in some way to Tennessee's past, present, or future. You will have the chance to acquire exclusive mementos to take with you as a reminder of your trip as well as further information regarding the topics that were discussed in the exhibits.

  • Take photos: Take pictures of the displays, possessions, and architectural elements of the museum to keep as mementos of your trip there. Take care to pay attention to any photographic guidelines or restrictions that may be in place, and be mindful of other visitors.
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Address of Tennessee State Museum

1000 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN 37208, USA

Opening & Closing time of Tennessee State Museum

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