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If you're in the Charminar neighborhood, don't forget to admire the splendor of Chowmahalla Palace, the Nizams' official palace, during their rule. It's also a must-see location if you're visiting Hyderabad.

Chowmahalla, which translates to 'four palaces,' is reported to have included elements of Indo-Saracenic, Persia, Rajasthan, and the Shah of Iran's palace in Tehran as its inspiration.

Although none of the four palaces are accessible to the general public, stroll through courtyards surrounded by lush vegetation, elaborate fountains, and the official darbar, home to many well-known legends.

The architecture of the four palaces, Tahniyat Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, Aftab Mahal, and Afzal Mahal, differ in terms of color patterns and symbolic meaning.

Things to do at the Chowmahalla Palace:

  • Admire antiquity for valuable possessions:

The palace's immaculate hallways will take you to museums and galleries studded with paintings, royal portraits, and sepia and black-and-white photographs. You're guaranteed to be entertained by the several galleries of the Palace, each of which features an intriguing collection of china, clothing, furniture, coins and currency notes, artwork from the Nizam era, etc. Weapons are displayed exceptionally intriguingly; they are shown off not just within glass cabinets but also up the walls.

  • Embrace the beautiful grass with a green backdrop contrasting the palace's yellow and white decor making for a captivating image:

The first thing that provides a glimpse into the Chowmahalla palace's exceptional architecture is a large water fountain with intricately carved pillars in front of the court.

The palace's elaborate carvings on the walls and ceilings are especially worth pointing out. Not to be overlooked are the glass chandeliers in each Mahal that feature unique designs.

  • Enlighten your soul with transcripts and religious books:

The Quran section features a variety of Qurans, including handwritten Qurans that have been repaired using Japanese techniques, Qurans etched in gold, small Qurans printed in metal, and many others.

You may locate the Chowmahalla Palace gardens just around the corner from the bustling market area where the imposing Charminar rises above onlookers.

  • Mesmerizing chandeliers are a treat for all senses:

The Grand Durbar Hall, also known as Khilwat Mubarak, is the palace's focal point and has exquisite chandeliers. They are only admirable from a distance. Watching the sun's rays penetrate the palace's windows and strike the glass of the chandeliers is mesmerizing.

The Takht-e-Nishan, or royal seat, was positioned on the marble platform at the front of the chamber.

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Address of Chowmahalla Palace

20-4-236, Motigalli, Khilwat Motigalli, Hyderabad 500002 India

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