Pyramids of El-Fayoum

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The Pyramid of El Fayum is an ancient Egyptian pyramid located in the Faiyum Oasis, approximately 100 km southwest of Cairo. It is also known as the Pyramid of Amenemhat III, built during the reign of Amenemhat III, a pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty.

Today, the Pyramid of El Fayum is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can explore the chambers and passageways inside the pyramid. However, some parts of the pyramid are closed to the public due to safety concerns.

Things to do at the Pyramid of El Fayum:

  • Observe the distinctive features of the pyramid:

The Pyramid of El Fayum is smaller than some of the other pyramids in Egypt, with a height of around 55 meters. It was built using limestone and red granite and was initially surrounded by a complex of smaller pyramids and other buildings.

  • Explore the time-honored passageways that ignite the imagination:

Inside the pyramid, there are several chambers and passages. The burial chamber is located at the base of the pyramid, and it contains the sarcophagus of Amenemhat III. The burial chamber's walls are decorated with inscriptions and paintings depicting scenes from the pharaoh's life.

  • Study the architectural elements:

The Pyramid of El Fayum is notable for its unique design, which incorporates a system of internal ramps that lead to the burial chamber. This design was used in later pyramids, such as the Pyramid of Senusret III and the Pyramid of Amenemhat III at Dahshur.

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