Located in the Faiyum area of Egypt, the Lahun pyramid is an ancient Egyptian pyramid that is also known as the Pyramid of Senusret II. A number of pyramids were built during the Twelfth Dynasty, of which this is one. It was commissioned by Pharaoh Senusret II.

In sum, the Lahun pyramid sheds light on various aspects of ancient Egyptian society.

Things to do at Lahun Pyramid:

  • Study the pyramid’s architectural features and learn about its historical significance:

The pyramid used to be about 47 meters tall, but now only its base and a small section of its inner core remain. The pyramid's interior features a descending passage, a chamber, and a burial shaft and was constructed using mud brick and limestone. Although most of the pyramid is gone, there is still plenty to see at the base and in the core. A fantastic panorama of the area can be seen from the top of the pyramid, which can be reached by climbing its many levels.

  • Learn what makes it stand out:

The Lahun pyramid is different from other Egyptian pyramids because of its location in the Faiyum region, far from the Nile, and its smaller size.

  • Take a look at the ancient artifacts:

The pyramid was discovered to house several well-preserved statues of Senusret II and his family. To fully appreciate the time and effort put into these artifacts, you can examine them up close.

  • Appreciate cross cultural diversity:

Find out about ancient Egyptian culture by visiting the Lahun pyramid. The pharaohs, their beliefs, and the building methods used to erect the pyramids can all be studied.

  • Embrace the beauty of nature around the pyramid:

The Faiyum region is rich in natural beauty, with its verdant landscapes, peaceful lakes, and abundant wildlife. The Lahun pyramid is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery that is worth appreciating.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Lahun Pyramid

6XPC+G7C, Lahoun, Fayoum Center, Fayoum 2943740, Egypt

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