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Nearly 80 kilometers southwest of Cairo, Egypt, is the oasis of Fayoum, where you'll find the ancient site of Karanis. Tourists flock to the area because of its rich cultural history as a thriving Greco-Roman city. Activities in Karanis include:

Things to do at Karanis:

  • Visitors can get an education about the city's role in the ancient economy and trade routes:

Visitors can glimpse what life was like for those who once lived here by exploring the impressive ruins of buildings, temples, and houses. The city's marketplace, public baths, and residential structures are all visible among the street rubble as you stroll through the streets.

The houses of Karanis's former inhabitants are represented in the city's ruins. It is possible to gain insight into the daily lives of the people who once inhabited these homes by touring their courtyards, living rooms, and storage rooms.

Several temples, including one to the Egyptian deity Sokar, could be found in Karanis. The impressive columns and carvings in these temples give visitors a glimpse into the religious practices of the city's former inhabitants.

The ruins of Karanis include what appear to be public baths, a key location for the city's social and cultural life. People would go to these baths to clean up, unwind, and meet new people.

The marketplace in Karanis was the city's busiest commercial district. Visitors can get a feel for what was traded in the city by exploring the ruins of the market, which still has stalls and shops.

Browse the collection at Karanis Museum: The Karanis Museum, conveniently located on the grounds, displays finds from the site's archaeological excavations. Pottery, jewelry, and other everyday items are included in the collection alongside religious artifacts and statues.

  • Click some professional photographs as human and natural beauty intersect here:

Visitors to the ruins at Karanis will want to bring their cameras to capture images of the striking columns, statues, carvings, and the dramatic desert backdrop.

  • Spend a lazy afternoon soaking in views:

There are many places near Karanis where you can take a stroll and take a serene environment, as the Fayoum oasis is surrounded by stunning desert scenery. The sophisticated irrigation system in Karanis allowed for the growth of numerous cereal grains, as well as the cultivation of grapes. There are still press barrels and jars from when the city was famous for its wine production.

  • Go for an eco boat tour:

Those in the Karanis area should make their way to Lake Qarun, where they can take advantage of boat tours that will allow them to see the area's wildlife and scenic landscapes in a new light.

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Address of Karanis

GW93+47H, Rashwan Palace, Tamiya Center, Fayoum 2976008

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