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Established in 1993, the Caricature Museum in Fayoum is the pioneering institution of its kind in the Arab world. Over two thousand caricatures from Egypt and elsewhere are on display in the museum. The collection features pieces by well-known caricaturists from Egypt and beyond, such as Salah Jahin, Gog, and Tawfiq Al-Hakim. Discovering and appreciating Egyptian caricature here is like diving headfirst into the country's rich cultural heritage.

Things to do at Caricature Museum:

  • Browse the collection of displays:

The museum houses an extensive collection of caricatures by some of Egypt's and the world's most renowned artists. There is a lot of wit and social commentary in the exhibits that guests can enjoy. The museum's collection of caricatures includes works by some of the world's most renowned artists, including:

Cartoons by Salah Jahin: The museum features a large collection of works by Salah Jahin, one of Egypt's most well-known caricaturists. His writing often used satire and humor to address serious social and political issues.

Cartoons by Tawfiq Al-Hakim, a well-known Egyptian author, and cartoonist who produced numerous satirical works in the 20th century. His works were notable for their sharp wit and insightful commentary, and he frequently wrote about the Middle East and Islam.

Cartoons from around the world by artists such as Ronald Searle, Georges Wolinski, and Plantu can be found in the museum's collection.

  • Take part in one of the museum's workshops and exhibitions:

Every so often, the museum hosts workshops where guests can learn how to draw caricatures from seasoned artists.

Attending temporary exhibitions showcasing the work of emerging artists is a popular activity at the museum. Caricature exhibitions allow viewers to learn more about the art form and its many subgenres by delving into various topics and subjects.

  • Attend ongoing events:

The museum regularly hosts events, such as book signings and talks with caricaturists, that provide visitors with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the history and contemporary relevance of the art form.

  • Explore the neighborhood:

Fayoum, where the museum is located, is full of history and culture. The Hawara Pyramid and a nearby desert oasis are just a few attractions guests can visit while in the area.

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Address of Caricature Museum

Qarun, Ibshway, Fayoum 2822613

Opening & Closing time of Caricature Museum

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