Zekreet Fort

For those who want to experience Qatari architecture's extravagant 18th-century splendor, the Zekreet Fort Qatar is another ideal retreat. This location, close to Dukhan, not only astounds visitors but also sheds light on the nation's lengthy history. 

One of Qatar's most significant historical sites, Zekreet Fort, was built in two stages. According to legend, the fort was initially constructed as a straightforward square building without the towers we see today. However, the fort's later-added outer four corners served as a guide for the second half of construction. 

The towers were never finished, even though construction started in the second phase. Only three of the intended initially four towers can currently be seen by visitors. In reality, the fort's coastline side is where you may find the remains of madabes. This fort's architecture, which displays its unusual style and outlook, makes it the perfect site for a sightseeing trip to Qatar. 

This historic location is next to a beach. The picturesque side of nature is on display at Zekreet Beach (also known as Ras Abrouq Beach). The topography is unusual due to the limestone escarpment that has cliffs, pillars, and rocks. Zekreet is a tranquil entryway to memorable memories with its beach activities and water sports. 

How to explore Zekreet fort and beach? 

  • The first thing you will observe when you arrive in the area is the ruins of previous towns. 
  • The remains of madabes, which were rooms used in the manufacturing of 'debis,' a traditional snack made with dates, may be found on the fort's coastal side. In the rooms, parallel channels are about 10 cm deep and joined by a canal near the entrance. 
  • Wander along the sandy Zekreet beach or go swimming in the ocean. 
  • A stunning ethereal scene is provided by the limestone mushroom-shaped structures and the sedimentary rocks that line the Zekreet shore.
  • The beach is ideal for overnight camping because it is far from any settlements and you can easily set up and take in the starry desert sky.
  • Despite the area's aridness, the fauna is remarkable and unique. Near Zekreet Beach, you can see exotic fauna, including oryx and migratory birds. 
  • For the greatest kitesurfing experience, go to Zekreet beach.
  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Zekreet Fort

80 km north-west west of Doha

Opening & Closing time of Zekreet Fort

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