Western North Carolina Nature Center

The Western North Carolina Wildlife Center, located in the core of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, is a haven of natural wonder and a true utopia for animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This magnificent facility is home to more than 60 different species of wildlife, many of which are indigenous to the southern Appalachian region.

You'll see everything from cutesy otters and enthusiastic red pandas to stupefying black bears and cunning coyotes as you walk through the Nature Center's twisting walkways. In the Raptor Center, you'll also be able to get up close and personal with intimidating birds of prey like hawks and owls.

This wildlife center also serves as a center for education and conservation. The center provides a spectacular slew of educational activities and events for both adults and kids. These include fun animal interactions, hair-raising outdoor treks, and educative workshops on topics including sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

How to explore Western North Carolina Nature Center?

  • See otters, red pandas, black bears, coyotes, and more of the 60+ local species up close and personal.
  • Visit the Raptor Center to get up close and personal with eerie raptors, including hawks and owls.
  • Participate in a variety of workshops, nature walks, and animal encounters designed to teach people of all ages about the importance of protecting the environment and practicing sustainable farming practices.
  • Traverse the facility's twisting paths and educate yourself about the rare flora and fauna of the southern Appalachians. Learn about the fascinating past and present of the Appalachian region through the center's many displays and informative materials.
  • Picnic lunches and strolls through the Western North Carolina Nature Center's beautiful gardens and natural landscapes are highly recommended.
  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Western North Carolina Nature Center

75 Gashes Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805, USA

Opening & Closing time of Western North Carolina Nature Center

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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