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Biltmore Estate is a historic estate in Asheville, North Carolina, nestled among glorious hills. It was created in the late 1800s and is recognized for its gorgeous gardens and stunning architecture. It is a spectacular example of Gilded Age architecture built by George Vanderbilt, with a rich history and an enduring legacy.

A sensation of amazement and wonder sweeps over you the instant you arrive upon the estate's perfectly planted grounds. The estate's grandeur is immediately obvious, from the beautiful 250-room mansion to the well-tended gardens that surround it. The meticulously restored decor and furnishings serve as a reminder of the opulent excesses and great wealth that distinguished the Gilded Age.

The estate's numerous attractions, ranging from the vineyard to outdoor sports, ensure that there is something for everyone.

How to explore Biltmore?

  • Opt for a guided tour of the estate and gawk in admiration at the architecture and design of the Gilded Age. The best way to really appreciate its beauty and history is to go on a guided tour.
  • Discover the gardens, which are a true representation of flawless art, with meticulously maintained landscapes, outstanding water features, and awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains.
  • The Biltmore Estate is ideally suited for outdoor enthusiasts because it offers over 20 miles of hiking and bike trails. There is an exciting trail for every level of traveler, from leisurely strolls to strenuous excursions.
  • Consider taking a carriage ride around the estate for a more leisurely tour. The horses and carriages on the estate provide a captivating and distinctive way to tour the grounds.
  • The farmyard at the Biltmore Estate is an excellent family attraction, with a variety of animals to see and engage with, as well as educational exhibits that teach visitors about sustainable agriculture and farming techniques.
  • The Biltmore Estate has a wide range of dining options, from casual cafes to formal fine dining establishments. Whether you're simply looking for a quick snack or a full-course meal, there's something for everyone.
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Address of Biltmore

One Lodge Street, Ashville, NC 28803 USA

Opening & Closing time of Biltmore

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