Alicante Town Hall

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The Alicante Town Hall is an 18th-century Baroque civil architectural work built on the old City House by the architect Lorenzo Chápuli. The town hall in Alicante, which consists of two towers, has a tradition of ringing bells at regular intervals of 15 minutes. This tradition creates a very pleasant environment in the town, which is located on the coast.

The stately Baroque building has a meticulously ornate interior and is filled with artworks that highlight the history and culture of Alicante. Its location at the center of Plaza del Ayuntamiento gives it a prominent presence. The exterior and interior of the structure offer views of the structure, which is composed of iron and cement and can be observed in both locations. A building with a streamlined appearance serves as an auxiliary to the Town Hall.

How to explore Alicante Town Hall?

  • You can see ornamental elements such as the Solomonic columns of the facade or its two towers.
  • Elegant, red marble stairs lead to several rooms that stand out, such as the Elizabethan-style Blue Hall, the Plenary Hall, and a chapel where masses can be celebrated.
  • In the different rooms of the building, there are interesting works by Padilla, Cabrera, Amorós, and Gastón Castelló from Alicante.
  • At the foot of the main staircase of the Alicante City Council is the so-called 'Cota Cero,' the reference place from which the altitude above sea level of the different Spanish cities is measured.
  • Attached to the Town Hall, there is a modern building of municipal dependencies on whose ground floor you can see interesting archaeological remains of what was the medieval city of - Alicante, under the name 'Alicante, the discovered city'.
  • The top floor of the annex building features a grand, avant-garde looking glazed terrace with views of Santa Barbara Castle. This terrace is located on the top floor.
  • You may explore Alicante Town Hall during a private walking tour, making visits to historical landmarks such as the mountaintop Santa Bárbara Castle for a view of the coast and architectural gems like Casa Carbonell and the St. Nicholas of Bari Cathedral.

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Address of Alicante Town Hall

Placa Ajuntament 1, 03002 Alicante Spain

Opening & Closing time of Alicante Town Hall

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