Volcan El Teide

Teide is famous not just for its height but also for the breathtaking scenery that surrounds it. More than 100,000 people visit the mountain and national park each year, with some visitors coming from within Spain and others traveling from all over the world.

It is one of the few sites in the tropics that also gets snowfall, which frequently results in a stunning contrast between the snowy slopes of the mountains and the warm, sunny areas surrounding the base of the peak.


  • Embrace the beauty and splendor of Parador:

The natural crater of Las Canadas del Teide is home to a one-of-a-kind hotel called a Parador; the site of this hotel is among the most breathtaking in all of Spain. Should you choose to spend the night in this rustic mountain cabin, it will be the sole structure in the entire park.

The décor is decorated in the style of the Canary Islands, and the menu features regional delicacies like papas arrugadas as some of the specialties.

You may stroll around the grounds without coming across another person, and the greatest part is that you will have an incredible view of the volcano.

  • Explore the national park for its wealth of flora and fauna:

Because no traveler will want to miss this volcanic area that looks more like Mars than Earth and is the tallest peak in Spain at 3,718 meters, the Teide National Park is typically included on lists of the essential sites on the island of Tenerife.

Visitors can discover the diverse rocky landscape surrounding the National Park, which is home to over 168 plant species and approximately 140 animal types, the majority of which are insects.

  • There are a variety of exciting activities you can participate in before it becomes dark outside:

One example is a self-guided tour of seven viewing spots that include information panels illustrating the connection between this park and the stars and planets. Anecdotes of interest abound in it; for example, it explains how the 'Montes Tenerife' mountains came to be on the moon.

If you want to experience a sunset that will stick with you forever, you should go to the Narices del Teide viewing point, which is only a ten-minute drive from the Parador.

  • Watch the sky lit up by stars as the veil of darkness is uncovered:

Take advantage of the opportunity to make observations through the telescope at the Parador, as the Canary Islands are widely considered to be among the best locations to view the night sky.

The Parador hosts events every Friday that consist of discussions and observations led by astronomers.

  • Immerse in a lifetime opportunity of education and experience:

Since the Teide is visible from 83 of the 88 recognized constellations, it should be no surprise that businesses organize specialized activities there. These activities include the unique opportunity to watch the sunset from the cable car and observe the night sky using telescopes and experienced guides.

You can also schedule a trip to the IAC (Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics), which houses the most important solar observatory in the world. This will be a fantastic experience that will allow you to learn about the wonders of the cosmos.

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