Samallagi Dam

One of the most significant historic dams in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Samallagi Dam, which was likely constructed before the advent of Islam and is located close to Taif. The people of ancient Arabia created intricate methods of gathering and directing water that not only needed an in-depth understanding of water flows but also coordinated large amounts of work for the building, running, and maintenance.

The dam was constructed to hold water that descended from the highlands, and the foundation rock is still discernible today. The inscription on the bridge is one of the first foundation stones in the entire Arabian Peninsula for historic infrastructure projects.

The Samallagi Dam plays a significant role in safeguarding the terrain of this area, with gorgeous mountains serving as its backdrop. It is also a place where you can unwind with your loved ones while taking in natural beauty.


It is renowned for its stunning architectural design and original engineering layout. This dam is nestled between two mountains and receives its water supply from the Saiysad Valley. During the rainy season, water flows from the valley into a reservoir.

When visiting the dam, one can take in sound and light festivals as well as other attractions including fountains, water screens, and laser shows.

On the other hand, if you're fortunate enough to go on a beautiful day, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the lake from the coast. The natural oasis is perfect for nature enthusiasts who wish to spend time in this serene environment because it draws a variety of exotic birds and tiny animals.

The dam is a terrific location for thrill seekers and gives them the ability to partake in a variety of water activities around the area.

Additionally, there are several public parks along the shoreline and eateries where you may get something to eat while you relax.

The dense forest that surrounds the lake is great for treks and picnics. In certain areas of the lake, you can also take part in sports like boating and swimming.

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    30 minutes

Address of Samallagi Dam

Taif, Saudi Arabia

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